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The success of a company always starts with the employees. In a well-designed work environment, you can support the well-being and creativity of your staff at work – make them thrive! We help you find the facilities that best serve your employees and support your company’s growth objectives and company culture.

We create spaces where you can develop, get excited, build something new, solve problems, and shine. We offer highly customized solutions and you have access to the widest and highest quality range of space in the country, focusing on the most amazing locations in the cities.

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Forus is creating a more sustainable future

“It’s important for us that the building’s owner continues to develop and is even more sustainable”

After the company was founded seven years ago, Forus’s business operations have grown significantly, and the company’s previous office became too small. When looking for a new office, it was essential for the company that the new premises were sustainable and matched the company’s values.

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Naava chose Mannerheimintie 4

“The premises and location create a platform for global growth.”

Naava, a smart green wall designer, wanted a larger, functional and attractive work environment and a business-like showroom with excellent visibility from the right part of the city centre. The premises also had to meet the criteria of a biophilic, i.e. nature and human-friendly space. There had to be enough natural light, vast landscapes, the building technology had to be in order and the premises easily modifiable.

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Mapbox chose Mikonkatu 19

“We could choose everything to suit our needs, including, for example, the floor materials.”

When Mapbox was looking for its first office space in Helsinki a few years back, the objective was clear: the team wanted a space with character. This they found in Sponda’s Fennia block.

At first, Mapbox had an office space on the second floor of Mikonkatu 19. When they outgrew this space, the company moved to the top floor of the same building.

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Hybrid work is here

The exceptional circumstances during the coronavirus pandemic changed many of our habits. One of the main changes was the revolution in the way we work. Remote work has been around for years, but the pandemic made this an everyday habit, which significantly accelerated the change in the world of work. Now many are longing to return to the office. But to what kind of office?

Zure chose Citycenter

“If we want to be the best in the field, we need to operate in the best spot.”

The software development company Zure aims to be the most high-quality service provider globally in its field. The company wanted to have business premises in the heart of Helsinki.

Zure’s high-quality services are built on teamwork, so the company wanted the premises to bring people together and the location to be easily accessible from all directions. There had to be plenty of lunch options and a wide variety of services. The employees had wished for premises that they could also enjoy in their spare time, as well as a soundproof game room.

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The most important resource of a company is its people.

People need to be offered more than just a location and walls. Company premises that realize this fact have comfort and aesthetics, intelligent surfaces and places to retreat to, the play of electric and natural light, and the worlds of sound that create peace and efficiency.

The workplace that enables hybrid work has a new kind of ergonomics that challenges traditional work, chair and table combinations. Ventilation solutions, furniture surfaces and fabrics that kill microbes that cause infections almost completely are desired. Sustainable development is a natural part of business premises, right from the moment they are designed.

Once the premises have been created to meet the needs of the employees, they also act as a recruitment asset. Let’s talk more about your office space needs.

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We provide the largest selection of office spaces with an emphasis on large Finnish cities, and we create facility solutions that support your company’s growth objectives and corporate culture.

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Our properties are in prime locations in Finnish growth and city centres, along with the best services and public transport connections.

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As the forerunner in sustainable development in the property sector, we know how sustainability is transformed into brand value. We create office spaces that make sustainable values visible.

We are constantly renovating and developing our properties
according to the changing needs of companies. The needs of customers
are always the starting point for reforms.

We are actively renovating and developing our properties.

We provide facilities to be taken care of. We are constantly developing our properties and raising their quality. We offer our customers highly customized space solutions and we also design unique new premises.

Read our article on how we renovated the lobby areas of our 20 prime assets.

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The starting point for space planning is always the customer.

The design process of the premises always starts with listening carefully to your wishes and those of your company. What would be the best area for you, what services do you need, and what kind of environment do you value? We have a long experience in different types of premises solutions and a strong understanding of the needs of employees. We help you throughout the process, from planning to maintenance.

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