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  • Concept store acquires impressive premises – Gina Tricot opened their flagship store in Forum

Concept store acquires impressive premises – Gina Tricot opened their flagship store in Forum

In addition to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Gothenburg, you can now find a Gina Tricot flagship store in Helsinki. The store that opened its doors on the second floor of Forum inspires customers with its unique selection, digital aspects and impressive display windows.

Opening a flagship store of an international chain in Finland is no small matter. It took four years to find the premises for the fourth Nordic concept store of the chain that sells unique clothing collections and selected home décor items.

“Our concept stores are always located at the best locations in city centres. We wanted to find brand-appropriate and high-quality premises that would provide us with a first-class visibility and a natural flow of customers also in Helsinki,” says Gina Tricot’s Country Manager Mirva Abild.

Forum’s concept store is the first to bring new international special and collaboration collections to consumers. The longest façade enables an impressive display for collections.

The search for premises focused primarily on shopping centres. The requirements for the store included over 500 square metres of premises on one floor. An exceptionally wide collection also called for sufficiently large display windows.

Forum in the city centre fulfilled all wishes

The long search came to an end when an opportunity to combine three commercial premises opened in Forum shopping centre. The prime location on the second floor provided visibility both inside and outside the shopping centre.

The premises of more than 500 square metres were topped off with enormous display windows. Modern building technology and the ample premises also helped to build the digital customer experience.

The profiles of Forum and Gina Tricot complement one another as Forum’s brand selection attracts women in particular. Due to its central location and multiple entrances, there is a vast customer flow around the shopping centre.

Forum met all our criteria. The shopping centre is located in the busiest commercial spot in the heart of the city centre and is also recognised internationally for its high-quality brands and customer events,” describes Abild.

Our concept stores are always located in the best locations in city centres.

The fact that the owner of the shopping centre, Sponda, has proven through long cooperation to be an innovative and responsible property owner created added value. Abild emphasises the role of the shopping centre in the success of the international chain.        

In the heart of Helsinki city centre, Forum shopping centre is known for its fascinating history, high-quality brands and customer events. Forum’s glass corner functions as a landmark for the entire city centre.

“It makes all the difference to us how actively and ambitiously the owner is developing the brand selection and comfort of the shopping centre. It’s no coincidence that many international chains start their world conquest in Forum,” says Abild.

Premises support build customer experience

New commercial premises also supported the building of a digital customer experience. For example, large video displays were installed in the premises to let customers see what the clothes of the chain look like on moving models of different sizes.

The popular Gina Young and Gina Home collections can only be found at the Forum store. The flagship store also organises communal events and designs new customer service practices.

The new premises also facilitated customer service. In the spacious premises, the customers can easily locate each other, and the sales representatives can find any customers in need of help. The concept store is also set to organise inspiring events, such as morning yoga, and diverse evenings for VIP and loyal customers.

The premises also facilitated customer service.

“The need for communality has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to make shopping as easy as possible while creating the framework for peaceful and leisured gathering – you can visit us without buying anything,” says Abild.

The new store works even better with the chain’s online services.

On large video displays, customers can see what the clothes look like on moving models of different sizes. In the jeans section, the information displays help the customer choose the style of jeans they are looking for.

“The COVID-19 pandemic gave us a glance of the fact that an online store cannot replace brick and mortar stores. People want to touch things and meet people. It’s essential that different channels create a seamless and complementary experience,” says Abild.

Medium for top brands

According to the Shopping Centre Director Mervi Jäntti, Gina Tricot’s offering and Forum’s location complement each other perfectly.

“The company’s product selection is beautifully showcased in the new premises. The long shopfront is a great asset particularly for a flagship store that holds an exceptionally large collection and impressive displays. The premises are also clear and easily managed.”

Consisting of six buildings, Forum shopping centre forms the heart of the city centre with its tunnels and courtyards. You can also exit to the busy Simonkatu from the Gina Tricot store.

According to Jäntti, Forum has built its status as the number one shopping centre for international brands and chains over the decades.

“Forum is a brand in itself, and it also attracts recognised customer brands with its strong reputation. The location adds to the attraction as well. In a way, the shopping centre forms the heart of the city centre with its tunnels and courtyards, and Forum’s glass corner functions as a landmark for the entire centre,” says Jäntti.

Gina Tricot emphasised sustainability when deciding on the premises. The property, which is owned by Sponda, utilises 100% green electricity and provides the tenants with versatile recycling opportunities.

The shopping centre is constantly evolving, which increases its attraction. The development activities currently focus on the shopping centre’s 70th anniversary.

“Forum turns 70 this year, and we can look forward to innovative brands and unforgettable activities. We are also doing a facelift to add comfort to the premises, which will benefit both our consumer and business customers,” says Jäntti.   


Gina Tricot – from women to women

  • A Swedish fashion chain that offers fashion designed by women for women in more than 30 countries.
  • In Finland, there are 20 stores with approximately 150 employees.
  • Concept stores are located in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Helsinki.
  • The specialities in the Forum store are the Home Décor collection and Gina Young collection for young people.

Sponda – enabling international growth

  • An innovative property developer that builds attractive shopping centres and creates premises solutions that support business growth.
  • The premises are in the number-one locations in Finland and close to the best services and transport connections.
  • A pioneer in sustainability and GRESB top performer.


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