The most options

We provide the largest selection of office spaces with an emphasis on large Finnish cities, and we create facility solutions that support your company’s growth objectives and corporate culture.

The best locations

Our properties are in prime locations in Finnish growth and city centres, along with the best services and public transport connections.

Value from sustainability

As the forerunner in sustainable development in the property sector, we know how sustainability is transformed into brand value. We create office spaces that make sustainable values visible.

The most sustainable partner with the widest offering

Sponda has been recognised amongst the most sustainable companies in the global GRESB Real Estate Assessment for the eleventh year running.

  • Office Premises

    We have office space for dynamic start-ups and the headquarters of global corporations. Our experienced team guarantees that your company has premises optimised for your operations in the best possible location – and that the office space process is quick and efficient.

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  • Shopping Centres and Retail Spaces

    Our shopping centres and retail spaces are located where your customers are – in the largest cities and the best locations. We understand the needs of retail customers and create premises for the success of international chains as well as small start-ups.

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  • New Properties

    When ready-made solutions are not enough, we design and construct premises that are suited exactly to your needs. We will be your partner throughout the project and take care of you and the property even after the building’s completion.

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  • Coworking Spaces

    Our coworking community MOW provides working, meeting and event premises for companies of different sizes, either as one-off visits or with a monthly contract. Find inspiration or utilise our premises with all the facilities for remote working or product development!

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Let your company’s personality be boldly seen in your office space!

Sponda’s Urban Collection opens the doors to our fascinating, individual, boldly renovated buildings, each of which has its own story to tell over the course of several decades or centuries.

What do you think – would an office that is boldly pioneering, arrogantly luxurious, sensibly functional or even fascinatingly rebellious suit your company?

The attractiveness of Urban Collection’s four valuable properties located in the heart of Helsinki makes office days the best working days of the week!

Take a look at our personal Urban Collevtion properties


Full-Service Partner

The value of your office space partner is measured over the long term. It means in-depth understanding of your business operations and needs, and a partnership that creates value even when your office space needs change. Our mission is to help you succeed.


The most experienced professionals in the sector

We employ more than 140 office space and property sector professionals – ensuring the best competence, wide partner networks and the most functional processes are at your disposal.


We create spaces for people

We do not create spaces for businesses, we create them for people. We understand the needs of today’s employees and we are experts in office trends and office working models as well as in consumer behaviour and consumption trends.


The best locations for success

You can take your pick from among the top locations in Finland. Our properties are in carefully selected locations where we offer our customers space to shine.


Brand value from sustainability

In our peer group, we share number one position as the most sustainable property investment company in the world in the GRESB* sustainability assessment. Space solutions that encourage sustainable operating methods help you implement sustainability in your company.

* Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark


Continuously developing office spaces

As a large property developer with a strong financial standing, we are ready to invest in your premises and operating environment. We constantly strive to develop our premises to suit our customers changing needs.


We facilitate your future growth

We employ more than 140 office space and property sector professionals – ensuring the best competence, wide partner networks and the most functional processes are at your disposal.

Consumers and top professionals from different industries commit to companies that can demonstrate they operate according to sustainable values. We create spaces that make sustainability visible.

Pirkko Airaksinen, Head of ESG

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