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When ready-made solutions are not enough

A property development project also starts with listening closely to your needs and those of your company. We put together a multidisciplinary team of experts around the project and help you find the optimal location and facility solutions for your business operations.

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How the new-build project process works

We are there to help you throughout the construction project and make sure that the use of the spaces is optimal also when your company’s facility needs are changing.

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    Assessment of needs

    A contact person is appointed to you, and they get to know your company’s needs, growth objectives and corporate culture. We initiate the search for a suitable location or property.

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    Designing the spaces

    We compile a team of experts that designs the optimal space for your company in co-operation with your personnel. We ensure that the spaces also serve your future needs.

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    Construction phase

    We create a project plan and take care of tracking progress and scheduling the project. If there are any surprises, you will have the best professionals at your disposal.

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    Moving into the space

    Once the space is completed, we ensure that it lives up to your expectations. We provide guidance in using the property and utilising smart building services. We provide consultation to your company during the move.

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    We are at your disposal if there are changes in your facility needs. The sustainability data derived from your space helps your company communicate your sustainability to your stakeholders.

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We always build our properties for the future. We have a strong understanding of what kinds of premises and services the employees of tomorrow need.

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Our experts will help you find the best solution for your business.

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We always build our properties according to the most ambitious quality and environmental certifications, which creates long-term cost savings and visible brand value for your company.