Our company has been recognised amongst the best companies in the global GRESB Real Estate Assessment for the eleventh year running. This recognition reflects our sustainability practices and our constant work to promote sustainable development across our business.

For us, being a forerunner also means sustainability. We want to move the entire industry forward by creating new practices and encouraging our stakeholders to implement sustainable ways of working.

However, our most important job is to create additional value for our customers through sustainability – and we can also help your company convert office spaces from an expense to a competitive advantage.

Why do our actions matter?

35 %

The share of buildings

Buildings represent almost 35% of the total energy consumption of Finland.

30 %

The share of the built environment

Approximately 30% of greenhouse gas emissions are created in the built environment.

35 000


Every day, nearly 35,000 people work in office spaces managed by us and approximately 95,000 customers visit our shopping centres.

Environmental responsibility key figures

56 %

Waste recycling rate

– 81.4%

Carbon footprint

In 2023, we have reduced our CO2 emissions in terms of energy consumption by 81.4%, compared with the average of 2016–2018.

– 11.8%

Energy consumption

In 2023, we reduced energy consumption by 11.8%,  compared with the average of 2016–2018.

90 %

Environmental certification rate (of property value)

All our shopping centers are 100% certified.


Consumers and top experts from different industries gravitate to companies that can demonstrate they operate according to sustainable values. We create spaces that make sustainability visible.

Pirkko Airaksinen, Head of ESG

How will our sustainability benefit you?

Sustainability is co-operation – objectives are only reached by setting common goals and working towards them.


Smaller carbon footprint

Selecting energy-efficient properties and the ecological use of office space are among the most significant ways in which a company can affect the size of its carbon footprint and contribute to mitigating climate change.


Significant cost savings

Our energy efficiency schemes help you optimise the energy consumption of your premises and maximise the savings you make. Our new office spaces always have at least 20% better energy efficiency than is required in building regulations.


Sustainable brand value

Our environmental partnership programmes help you implement sustainable values in your corporate culture. You premises will provide you with sustainability data that you can use to communicate your environmental actions to your stakeholders.


Ecological transport

Travelling to our properties located in traffic hubs and close to extensive services is easy and ecological. Our coworking spaces help optimise the travel of your stakeholders and remote workers, too.


Health and wellbeing

Sustainably designed and ergonomic office spaces promote the wellbeing of your personnel and customers. Smart property automation guarantees optimal working conditions every hour of the day and every day of the year.


Solutions for the future

You can utilise the latest IoT technology in our property development and renovation projects. We are adding electric car charging points and renewable energy production to our properties.

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