Organization and governance

Organization and governance

Sponda Ltd is a limited liability company registered in Finland. In its decision-making and administration, Sponda applies the Finnish Companies Act, other legal provisions governing limited liability companies and the articles of association of Sponda Ltd.

Christian Hohenthal has served as Sponda’s president and CEO since 2020. The President and CEO is assisted by the Group’s Executive Board, with Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Information Officer as members. The operations are directed by the Board of Directors, as per the Articles of Association.

The Sponda organisation is divided into four business units that are based on business operations and customer needs: Office Properties, Retail, Property Development and Coworking.

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Sponda's executive board

Christian Hohenthal
President and CEO
(Interim COO)

Anna Blasik
Chief Financial Officer

Ari Käkelä
Chief Legal Officer

Timo Pantsari
Chief Information Officer