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  • Cosmetics brand Lyko started their conquest of Finland at Forum: ‘We wanted a visible location that cannot be missed’

Cosmetics brand Lyko started their conquest of Finland at Forum: ‘We wanted a visible location that cannot be missed’

Lyko, the leading Nordic cosmetics chain, is looking for growth and recognition with premises in a highly visible location. During the opening week, Lyko’s first store in Finland attracted 31,000 visitors and raised the company’s country-specific sales to a record high.

Lyko is an online beauty store that operates in eight countries, employs over 900 people and carries out its own product development. When Lyko opened its first store in Finland in May 2023, the queue reached all the way from Forum to Stockmann.

‘The first customers arrived at the doors to queue four hours before the opening, and there were up to 400 people in the queue at best,’ says Armi Aho, Flagship Store Manager at the store in Forum.

Great location is key

According to Aho, the conquest of Finland was carefully prepared. The premises chosen for the flagship store in the heart of Helsinki are as visible and lively as possible, and the opening was preceded by strong pre-marketing. The goal was to achieve significant growth in both recognition and sales.   

High school girls Julia Lagerström, Noelle Kock and Jessica Eskman visit Lyko’s new store weekly. ‘The best part is that you can freely test the products here, so you won’t be disappointed with what you buy,’ the girls say.  

‘During the first week, we had 31,000 customers and about 3,000 daily visitors in June–July. The store opening boosted sales in Finland, which were already growing, and we practically doubled our country-specific turnover compared to the previous year,’ says Aho. 

Aho considers the brilliant location of the store to be the most important pillar of the success.

‘While looking for business premises, location was the most important thing for us. We found a highly visible location that no one can miss. With its large shop windows and lively entrances, the premises have fulfilled all our expectations and customers have taken the store as their own,’ says Aho. 

Lyko wanted the location of their Finnish store to be as central as possible in the heart of the city. They found their dream premises in Forum, which is located near two of the landmarks of Helsinki city centre: the Central Railway Station tower and the glass corner of Forum. 

According to shopping centre manager Mervi Jäntti, Lyko is a great addition to Forum’s offering and strengthens Forum’s role as the favourite shopping centre for brands that are seeking international growth.  

‘It’s great to have a leading Nordic beauty brand that understands the value and importance of quality retail space in Forum. In addition to Lyko, the flagship stores of Gina Tricot, Beyond Retro, Stadium, Scandinavian Outdoor, XS-lelut and Granit are in Forum,’ says Jäntti. 

At the Play Bar testing station, the customers can test hair products and devices either on their own or assisted by the store staff. Julia, Noelle and Jessica had time to get the waves in their hair during a free period from their high school.          

Jäntti believes Forum’s popularity stems from its renown and central location.

Forum is a well-known and constantly renewing shopping centre that brings together both tourists and residents of Helsinki. This autumn, we are opening the renewed restaurant area, and the appearance of the glass corner and elevator lobbies will also improve. A lot of interesting pop up stores are coming to Forum before Christmas,’ Jäntti adds.  

Playground of beauty

Lyko got more than 300 square meters of store space at the Forum shopping centre owned by Sponda. The premises are located at street level and two entrances lead to the store. The entrance from Simonkatu is bordered by large display windows. 

The heart of the store space is the Styling Bar, a testing station for beauty products. The display of the trendy products on offer also features fresh flowers. 

The pastel-toned store resembles a beauty product candy store and inspires customers with delicious displays and testing stations that encourage them to try the products. In the Play Bar, customers can try hair products and equipment, and in the Styling Bar, customers can experiment with beauty products. 

‘We are an online store that wants to create a personal relationship with our customers. The best way to do this is with our own store, where customers can test the products by themselves. Good customer service also inspires our customers to visit the online store more often,’ says Aho. 

Matilda Kämäräinen and Helmi Kaartinen appreciate Lyko’s wide selection and good customer service. ‘It’s great that they offer more than just cosmetics here, and the store staff can help choose the right products,’ says Helmi.       

A store that can be transformed into an event arena

Another speciality of the store is its adaptability. All furniture is equipped with wheels with the exception of the Styling Bar

‘Our store is designed to be an event arena that can adapt to a variety of needs. During the first week, four different events were already held in the store: a press conference, a public relations event, an event for suppliers and a gig by Benjamin Peltonen,’ says Aho.

‘We wanted to increase the chain’s recognition and sales with a new store in Finland – and we really succeeded. The premises have met all our expectations with the location, customer flow and large shop windows,’ says Armi Aho, Lyko’s Flagship Store Manager. 

According to Aho, the fact that Forum is also a very active and communal operator as a shopping centre brings significant added value to the brand.

‘Forum organises a wide range of events and projects, which also opens up the possibility for us to collaborate more extensively with the shopping centre. Together with Forum, we have already participated in the Weekend Festival with our own Wheel of Fortune and Touch Up hair stations.”

Organising events also requires the premises to have the best possible location.  

‘A communal event and meeting place must be accessible from all directions and by all means of transport,’ Aho summarises. 

The store has entrances from both the shopping centre and Simonkatu. An active lessor also brings added value to Lyko in the form of events and cooperation projects – cooperation has already been initiated at Weekend Festival, for example.   

Responsible choice

Despite its glittery exterior, Lyko’s operations are guided by a strong sense of responsibility. The brand wants to manufacture and offer products that are good for people and the environment. Lyko also values a responsible property owner.

‘We appreciate that our lessor is one of the five most responsible real estate companies in the world among its peers. We get to utilise 100% renewable energy in our premises and the building has good recycling possibilities,’ says Aho. 


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