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  • Sponda ranked as global sector leader in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment in 2022 

Sponda ranked as global sector leader in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment in 2022 

Sponda Ltd                                      Press release                                           18 October 2022, at 11:30 a.m. 

 Sponda ranked as global sector leader in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment in 2022 

Sponda, one of Finland’s leading real estate asset management companies, has been ranked as a 2022 global sector leader among the real estate companies in the global GRESB Real Estate Assessment (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark).  

Every year since 2009, GRESB has reviewed and scored the environmental, social and governance-related (ESG) activities and data of real estate companies and funds globally, aimed at furthering sustainable development. Sponda has maintained its position among the top real estate companies in the assessment for the tenth consecutive year. 

GRESB sector leaders are the best performers by sector and region from across GRESB as well as the entities within one point of the top score. Sponda was recognised as a sector leader in four categories in its peer group (Diversified – Office/Retail) in the Standing Investments benchmark, which evaluates and compares the companies’ existing property portfolio. These included: 

  • Global sector leader 
  • Global Non-listed Sector Leader 
  • Regional Sector Leader Europe 
  • Regional Non-listed Sector Leader Europe 

“GRESB Sector Leaders are the top-performing organizations leading the way to a net-zero future and pulling the industry forward. We applaud this year’s Sector Leaders for their commitment, leadership, and dedication to ESG and sustainability”, says Sebastien Roussotte, CEO of GRESB 

Sponda was also the highest-ranking company in Northern Europe in its peer group in the GRESB Development benchmark, which measures and compares the ESG performance of the companies’ real estate development projects. In the management score section, the company was rated the best out of more than 900 European companies.   

Sponda again received a full five-star assessment and was awarded a Green Star for its overall ESG performance. In the Standing Investments benchmark, Sponda achieved 95 points (out of 100), the same score as last year. In the Development benchmark, this year’s score was 97 points, an improvement over last year’s (94).  

”We are proud of the brilliant results we have achieved. Being ranked as a sector leader and among the top companies in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment for the tenth year in a row demonstrates concrete evidence of our long-term efforts and significant investments aimed at furthering our sustainability impact. We’re particularly satisfied we are sector leaders in many categories and have achieved the top score in the management score section, among hundreds of European companies. The GRESB itself and our top results encourage us to further develop our sustainability measures,” says Sponda’s Head of ESG, Pirkko Airaksinen. 

In the Standing Investments benchmark, Sponda achieved the top score in sustainability management and procedures as well as in reporting, risk management, stakeholder engagement, setting targets and tenant engagement. In the Development benchmark, Sponda was awarded the top score in sustainability management and procedures, environmental certifications, reporting, risk management, stakeholder engagement as well as in material, water and waste management.  

GRESB covers all the components of corporate responsibility, with companies evaluated comprehensively in the following areas, among others: company-level sustainability management, environmental performance of properties, stakeholder engagement, risk management and the sustainability of property development.   

The number of participants in GRESB has increased annually, with a total of 1,820 companies and funds participating from 74 different countries this year. The total value of the properties participating in the assessment was $6.9 trillion. 

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