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  • Flexibility and room for growth – facilities in the heart of Helsinki serve the law firm

Flexibility and room for growth – facilities in the heart of Helsinki serve the law firm

Law firm Waly & Koskinen leased premises from Sponda in the centre of Helsinki, close to the Market Square. “The location could not be better, and the framework meets all our requirements,” says the company’s shareholder Tuomas Koskinen.

Waly & Koskinen is a law firm serving corporate and private clients that focuses on civil litigation. The company has been operating in Sponda’s building on Unioninkatu in Kaartinkaupunki since April 2021. The facilities were selected after a thorough survey.

The facilities include both open plan and office space. It is easy to organise activities in many ways according to work tasks, for example.

“We had negotiations of about fifteen facilities. We were looking for facilities in the city centre area and this space best suited our criteria. Sponda actually offered several options that would have worked for us, and we were given the opportunity to choose the best one. The facilities were also economically sensible,” says Koskinen.

This property meets our criteria the best. In fact, Sponda offered us various properties that would’ve fit our needs, and we got to choose the best one. 

The entrance to Waly & Koskinen’s premises is on the Fabianinkatu side. Eight people work in the approximately 250-square-metre office with both open-plan and office space. According to Jokinen, the facilities are excellent and flexible.

“Activities can be organised in many ways: the rooms are so big that two people can work in them. This gives us flexibility and room for growth. An additional bonus is the building’s lobby service”, Koskinen says.

The framework is in place

The modern and bright office space has served the law firm well. Throughout the surface, the renovated spaces are discreetly stylish and functional, and it is nice to bring in customers.

“Before we moved in, Sponda carried out a few renovations to the facilities. For example, the ventilation of the meeting rooms was improved. The facilities also have air conditioning, which significantly increased the comfort of using them last summer,” says Koskinen.

The staff is comfortable on the facilities and it is nice to bring clients to them as well. The central location and excellent transport links make it easy to get to.

In terms of framework, the facilities meet all Waly & Koskinen’s requirements. “It’s hard to come up with anything concrete that could be better about the facilities.”

There are several ways to do things – the rooms are so big that two people can work in them. This gives us flexibility and room for growth. 

The office building also has a BREEAM level Good environmental certificate, which indicates responsibility. The property’s own bicycle park and shower facilities facilitate the eco-efficient movement of employees. Well-being at work will continue to be supported by Elixia’s gym, which will open in the same building towards the end of the year.

The elegant and presentable lobby area creates a positive first impression for visitors. The lobby service makes everyday work easier.

Everything is close in Kaartinkaupunki

The location in Kaartinkaupunki is perfect for a law firm. The transport links are great: the railway station and the University of Helsinki metro station are 800 metres away, and trams run very close by.

“It is typical of our industry that service providers are located in the city centre. The location of our office is as central as possible: the Market Square is on the other side of the building. In that sense, this also serves us excellently”, says Koskinen.

According to partner Tuomas Koskinen, the facilities perfectly meet the requirements of the law firm. Both the framework and the location are right.

The nearby seafront and the idyllic and historic quarters create a charming atmosphere in the area. Services that attract business customers and increase the well-being of employees, from top restaurants to sports facilities and basic services to speciality stores can be found right next door.

Our office location is as central as it can be. The Market Square is found at the other side of the building. That is another reason this is an excellent location for us.

Professional co-operation

Above all, the law firm describes the activities of its landlord, Sponda, professional.

“Operations show that Sponda is one of the largest business premises landlords in Finland. For example, Sponda has very well thought-out and precise processes in connection with the handover of premises, the scheduling of alterations or the notification of repairs. The operations are very professional,” enthuses Koskinen. 

A cosy and pleasant waiting area is reserved for guests and clients in connection with the lobby.

The smooth co-operation is personified by Ilkka Tani, Sponda’s contact person, who receives special thanks from Koskinen. “Things work very well with Ilkka. He’s active and explicit, and everything is handled so that there are only good things to say.”

As the owner of the property, Sponda takes care of the continuous development of the office building. The building will be completely renovated during 2022, and the house will have a representative and impressive new lobby space, among other things. In the future, the renovated office building will offer increasingly more diverse services and a modern work environment right in the heart of the city.


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