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Arkadiankatu 6, Helsinki, Kamppi

Arkadiankatu 6

icon_location Kamppi, Arkadiankatu 6, 00100 Helsinki
At the heart of Helsinki, by the Narinkkatori square, stands the colossal building designed in 1977 by Einari Teräsvirta.

Behind its protected façade, modern office and business premises are being built. The building is vast, and so are its floors. On each floor, there is up to 3,000 square meters of space on one level. The premises are tailored based on your business’s requirements and needs. If necessary, the skills of workplace experts are at your disposal.

Read more about the premises at arkadia6.fi/en

Arkadia n:o 6 – full of opportunities

You don’t need to know exactly what you want or need out of your office, what kind of services would suit you best or how much space is enough. Let’s find the best combination for your business together.

Careful workplace design improves productivity and helps save costs, as the spaces are built to serve your business and people from the ground up. To make it easier to navigate the jungle of options, we built demo premises that feed your imagination.

The work of the Finnish-English design team is steered by the most important element: people. The impressive and comfortable public spaces will serve all users of the building. Building the workplace design on each customer’s circumstances and needs, the premises can be tailored to support each tenant’s business in just the right way.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

The energy efficiency and environmental footprint of the building and premises will be implemented using the latest technologies and modern solutions. Arkadia will be connected to the district heating and cooling network. The building’s new windows, LED lights, lighting control, ventilation system, low-consumption and partially automatically controlled water supply fittings, and easy and efficient waste sorting system add to the property’s comfort and reduce energy consumption. The aim is for Arkadia to reach the Very Good level in the BREAAM environmental certification.

In Arkadiankatu 6, you are surrounded by a variety of services. You are within a short walking distance from restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and the vibrant cultural scene of Helsinki.

Property details


The property is located in the heart of the city centre, by the Narinkkatori square, and has excellent public transport connections. A bus terminal, railway station and metro and tram connections are in the immediate vicinity of the property. Arkadiankatu 6 can easily be accessed by bicycle, since the Baana bicycle corridor passes by the building.


Reception services are available at all entrances of the office building, and negotiation rooms of different sizes are also at the disposal of the companies. The building offers plentiful parking space for cars and bicycles. You will also find charging stations for electric vehicles and leasable storage space in the building. The restaurant services on Arkadiankatu 6 supplement the versatile restaurant and cafeteria services in the area. The restaurant services of the office building serve both the tenants as well as all the urban citizens. In Arkadiankatu 6, you are surrounded by a variety of services. You are within a short walking distance from restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and the vibrant cultural scene of Helsinki.


You can rent parking space from the own underground parking garage of Arkadiankatu 6, which can easily be accessed from the building with an elevator. The parking garage also has charging stations for electric vehicles.

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