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  • Towards the office spaces of the future – Sponda opened demo premises on Arkadiankatu

Towards the office spaces of the future – Sponda opened demo premises on Arkadiankatu

Topics of discussion during the grand opening of Arkadiankatu 6 included the changes technology introduces to employees’ roles and how a new kind of working environment can promote brainwork.

Located close to the Parliament House, Sponda’s flagship property Arkadia n:o 6 stands surrounded by scaffolding.

The renovation of the building is still ongoing and set to be completed in 2020, but red carpets are already being laid on the floors of the 5th floor.

The purpose of demo premises is to help future tenants get an idea of what their own workspace could look like.

The grand opening of Finland’s biggest model facility is about to begin. Spanning over 500 square metres, the purpose of the demo premises built in the middle of a construction site is to help businesses plan their office spaces more comprehensively and with a view to the future.

Demo premises help businesses build a brain-friendly working environment.

“We want to help our customers understand what kind of working environment the modern brainworker needs to be content, motivated and as productive as possible,” says Sponda’s Director of Sales Harri Autio while greeting guests.

The premises challenge you to think outside the box

The first impression upon entering the premises is fascinating. The centre space that spreads out beyond the entrance has a warm and cosy atmosphere, but when you look out the window, you feel like you are in the hustle and bustle of Narinkka Square.

In addition to the demo premises, the customers of Arkadia n:o 6 benefit from a team of professionals from different fields who find business premises solutions based on the customer’s business while keeping in mind all the needs of modern working methods.

The centre space that resembles a living room is surrounded by different types of conference rooms as well as a café-style kitchen. The ergonomic tables and chairs in the café are also well-suited for working.

Arkadia n:o 6, which is being completely renovated, is located in a prime spot between the Parliament House and the Narinkka Square in Kamppi. Tenants have an opportunity to influence both their own office spaces and the ecosystem of the whole property.

“We challenge businesses to think outside the box when planning the floor plan of their office. We also offer ready-to-go ideas for furnishing, AV devices and interior design materials, which make it easier for customers to see what kinds of spaces and solutions would suit their office best,” says Autio, who presents the premises.

Brain research at the heart of development work

The driving idea behind the demo premises is the change in how we work. Katri Saarikivi, a brain researcher from the University of Helsinki, gives a presentation on the topic at the grand opening.

”Creative thinking, communication skills and constant learning are often expected of prospective employees, but do the company’s office space and culture make it possible to use these skills in an effective way?” asks brain researcher Katri Saarikivi.

In Saarikivi’s opinion, the most crucial point to understand in changing working life is how fast technology changes the role of the employee and what the new working environment demands from the brain.

“The long-term success of a work organisation depends on how well it manages to support people’s thinking and actions in an environment that is becoming more complex. The structures of an organisation can either support or hinder the condition of the brain, quality thinking and communication,“ Saarikivi says.

The brain researcher encouraged the audience to keep in mind the importance of communication, empathy and learning in the tailoring of business premises.

According to the researcher, one of the key factors in productivity at the workplace is the personnel’s motivation.

“The long-term success of a work organisation depends on how well it manages to support people’s thinking processes.”

“It has a strong effect on motivation when an employee feels that they can influence their job and their working environment. The more demanding the job, the more important it is for employees to feel that they can affect things.”

Around the cafe-style kitchen, there is a casual lounge area with ergonomic tables and chairs that are also great for working. If necessary, the space can also be transformed into a stage that accommodates 30 people.

Saarikivi encourages organisation executives to trust that people who do brainwork have the best knowledge of what supports their thinking.

Management and the property partner are in charge of ensuring that the office space and workplace culture can serve different types of employees and different needs.

Real estate agents benefit as well

The experiential demo premises on Arkadiankatu benefit not only client companies but also real estate agents.

Three conference rooms suitable for different types of work can also be found in the demo premises.

“It makes a world of difference to the customer experience when the agent can bring the customer to finished premises rather than a construction site, and give their presentation in a conference room that the customer can have as their own office space as well,” Autio explains.

Client companies can explore the furniture, decor, AV device and coffee machine options in the premises and choose their favourites for their own spaces.

The demo premises are available to all agents and client companies. A representative of Sponda who knows the premises well is present during all presentations.

Arkadia n:o 6 also hosts inspiring events where visitors can experience the premises in an authentic setting. There are also part-time workers at the demo premises.

According to Harri Autio, the property is of particular interest to pioneering companies. “Pioneering companies put great value on the location of their office spaces and the well-being of their employees, so they are willing to change their modes of operation—sometimes radically,” he says.

“Future office spaces will have to be flexible and ready for change, we can ensure the functionality of the premises by working in them. To us, demo premises that are constantly changing and adjustable as necessary represent the working environment of the future that we want to lead our customers to,” Autio says.

Arkadia n:o 6:

  • A prestigious building designed by architect Einari Teräsvirta
  • The property is located in the heart of Helsinki, with easy access to excellent services
  • The best public transport connections in Finland
  • Floor space of over 23,000 square metres
  • 8 storeys with as much as 3,200 square metres of office space
  • Four entrances and 133 parking spaces
  • Contains Finland’s biggest demo premises
  • The property will be completed in 2020 and equipped with the newest technology and modern lighting and air-conditioning systems.
  • The property is aiming for the very good level in the BREAAM environmental certification

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