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  • 2020
  • Korjaamontie 2, Oulu, Välivainio

    Korjaamontie 2

    The business center of Oulu’s Välivainio shopping center (also known as Castreninkulma) is located in the immediate vicinity of the center of Oulu, along the Korjaamontie.

  • Zeppelinintie 1, Oulu, Kempele

    Zeppelinintie 1

    Zeppelin is the largest and most diverse shopping centre in northern Finland. The shopping centre is at the heart of services and experiences on the south side of Oulu. 

  • Alasintie 3-7, Oulu, Limingantulli

    Alasintie 3-7

    Alasintie is located in the Limingantulli area, near the centre of Oulu.