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  • 2020
  • Piispantilankuja 2, Espoo, Olari

    Piispantilankuja 2

    This property, located in the Friisilä district of Espoo, offers a light space for working. The building features an elegant entrance lobby, a sauna lounge and a parking garage with 24 parking spaces for hire. In addition, there are outdoor parking spaces equipped with heating outlets.

  • Piispantilankuja 2, Espoo, Olari

    Piispantilankuja 6

    The office building located in the Friisilä district of Espoo offers light and modern working areas. The air conditioning ensures a comfortable work environment in the summertime as well.

  • Pihatörmä 1, Espoo, Olari

    Pihatörmä 1

    This office and retail property in Espoo offers efficient and easily convertible premises for a variety of needs.

  • Piispanportti 12

    The facilities in this property are suitable for both office and retail, and they can even be turned into a restaurant.

  • Miestentie 3, Espoo, Otaniemi

    Miestentie 3

    This property is surrounded by the dynamic atmosphere of the Otaniemi university campus and the Keilaniemi business district. It was renovated for the Aalto University’s Department of Architecture in 2012–2013.

  • Kappelitie 8, Espoo, Niittykumpu

    Kappelitie 8

    An ideal property for the headquarters of your business