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  • Wow experiences and appeal – Ratina and Elo to be renewed inside and out

Wow experiences and appeal – Ratina and Elo to be renewed inside and out

Ratina in Tampere and Elo in Ylöjärvi will both be renewed this spring and will become more appealing than ever as centres for experiences. “We want to offer more reasons to visit our shopping centre once the coronavirus crisis is over,” says Mervi Ahola, Shopping Centre Manager for Ratina.

Ratina shopping centre, which opened in Tampere in 2018, and Elo which opened in Ylöjärvi in 2009, have become the most popular shopping and entertainment hubs in their areas. Why do they need renewing?

We want continuously offer something new and exciting to our customers.

“The success a shopping centre enjoys today does not guarantee that the concept should not be developed. We do our best to pay close attention to our customers’ wishes and continuously offer them something new and exciting,” Mervi Ahola, Shopping Centre Manager for Ratina says.

Asiakkaat toivoivat Ratinan moderneihin tiloihin lisää lämpöä ja kodinomaisuutta. Tiloihin tuodaan tunnelmaa muun muassa materiaalien, valaistuksen ja vihersisustamisen avulla.
Based on feedback, the customers of Ratina wanted the modern shopping centre to be cosier and more welcoming. In the renewal, natural materials and lighting design will be used to soften the atmosphere.

The renewals will be carried out this spring in shopping centres that are quieter than usual since the coronavirus pandemic has shut down some shops and decreased the customer flows of shopping centres. The renewals will be completed before the summer and the aim is to offer more reasons to visit the shopping centre and stay longer.

“Our aim is to attract people to our shopping centres simply to have a good time. We also want to enrich the shopping experience with activities, a nice atmosphere and communal feeling when it will again be safe to move around and gather together,” Ahola explains. 

Wow experiences for families

Both Ratina and Elo want the renewals to strike a chord with visitors of all ages. Families with children and their needs will receive particular attention. 

Ratinan piha-alueelle on syntymässä todellinen leikkikeidas lapsiperheille.
A true oasis of experiences will open in the large Ratina yard for children. The landscaped playground will also have spots for adults to take a break and relax.

“Another big yard in Ratina, Ratina Square, we are building a space dedicated to families. The large playground will offer a wow experience to families, with activities for children of all ages. Adults will also enjoy the refreshing landscape and the experiences it offers,” says Anna Bevz, Consultant at Bolder Development, the company responsible for the renewal. 

In the Ratina yard, we are building a special space dedicated to families.

Families with children are also an important target group at shopping centre Elo. Timo Matinlompolo, Shopping Centre Manager, says that the aim is to offer children new kinds of activities.

Elon asiakkaat saivat äänestää kolmesta vaihtoehdosta omalle kauppakeskukselleen sopivinta logoa.
Both shopping centres listened closely to customers and their wishes. At Elo, customers were asked to vote for their favourite logo. 

“New playrooms and sitting areas will be placed in the corridors so that some family members can use them while others go shopping or enjoy a cup of coffee nearby,” Matinlompolo says.

Customer experience to the next level

According to Anna Bevz, the current renewals improve the customer experience of both customers and tenants.

The most important thing about the renewals is they start with customers’ wishes.

“In order to be successful, a shopping centre must offer two things: appeal and experiences, and smooth everyday shopping. If these two criteria are not met, consumers will shop online.”   

Elon julkisivu muuttuu uudistuksen myötä.
At Elo, the entire entrance area will change. In addition to the new logo, the lighting and visualization of the facade will also be renewed.

Ratina will be made more appealing with the right choice of materials and lighting. Impressive ceiling and wall elements and a green decor will wow the visitors.

In Elo, the focus areas are an attractive entrance area, impressive ceiling elements and atmospheric lighting.

Anna Bevzin mukaan menestyvältä kauppakeskukselta vaaditaan elämyksellisyyttä sekä arkiasioinnin sujuvuutta – muuten kuluttaja tekee ostoksensa verkkokaupasta.
According to Anna Bevz shopping centres are built little by little on the basis of customer feedback and experiences. “It’s important that the owners are ready to develop the shopping centre, even if everything is in order right now.”

Both shopping centres will renew their lounges to make them more comfortable. There will be places for relaxation and rest for visitors of all ages. 

Lots of events and shopping

Ratina is known for its many events and, after the renewal, it will also offer more places for shopping. The event space on the first floor will have a market hall-style plaza, and more space will be reserved for promotional use and pop-up shops.

Kauppakeskus Elon uudistuksessa panostetaan erityisesti näyttäviin kattoelementteihin ja tunnelmalliseen valaistukseen.
The renewal of shopping centre Elo focuses on the lounge areas, impressive ceiling elements and atmospheric lighting. 

“In 2019, Ratina hosted events on no fewer than 75 days. After the renewal has been completed and the coronavirus pandemic is over, the event space will be even better suited for promotional use and pop-up shops,” Ahola says.

The event area will feature a market hall-style plaza.

Another aim of the renewal is to make shopping and the use of services easier. Both shopping centres will make everyday shopping easier with clearer signs, and Elo will also reposition some of its shops.

The shopping centres will also welcome new brands in the spring. JYSK, a shop selling ‘everything for the home’, has opened in both two shopping centres. In addition, many other brands will also join Ratina, which will mean an additional further 3,500 square metres of shopping space.

Increasing the pull of the entire area

According to Ahola, the whole center will benefit from the increased flow of customers around shopping centres.

“At Ratina, we want to support the development of the city centre as a whole, and we are looking forward to the Tampere Deck Arena and the tramway. The tram will stop in front of the shopping centre, which will make it even easier to reach us,” Ahola says. 

Sekä Elossa että Ratinassa tiloihin tuodaan näyttäviä viherkasveja ja viherseiniä.
Both Ratina and Elo will receive fresh and appealing green decor elements. 

Both Ahola and Matinlompolo challenge shopping centre visitors to give feedback actively.

“This will not be the last time we renew our shopping centre, so giving us feedback is always worthwhile. Your suggestions might be adopted in the next renewal,” Ahola says.     

New elements in Ratina

  • Large and inspiring playground in the yard
  • Cosy lounges
  • Market plaza on the first floor
  • New spaces in Mini-Ratina and the play lounge
  • New brick-like interiors, cogwheel design elements and fan-shaped flooring
  • New green decor elements
  • Suspended ceiling on the third floor
  • Updated info-point
  • New signs

New elements in Elo

  • New modern logo
  • Impressive entrance and facade
  • Different play areas for children
  • Cosy lounges
  • New green decor elements
  • Interesting lighting fixtures
  • New signs


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