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What is coworking and who benefits from it?

The change in how we work has made coworking hubs unprecedentedly popular. What does Sponda’s MOW concept mean and what kinds of opportunities does it present?

1. What does the term “coworking” mean?

Coworking is a communal service concept. In addition to business premises, coworking hubs provide different services and events for companies. The events and operations are organised by the hub’s own staff, and the objective is that the events and services would create as much synergy as possible with the people and companies working in the hub.

The coworking concept MOW created by Sponda currently includes three hubs. The Helsinki hubs are located on Pikku-Roobertinkatu and in Ruoholahti and the Tampere hub opening in autumn 2018 in Ratina shopping centre.

2. Why are coworking hubs so hyped at the moment?

Working has changed and is still changing. As remote work becomes more common and working is fragmented, it’s easy to organise meetings in full-service business premises in central locations. Growth companies value coworking hubs where they can work and build their companies without committing to premises of a certain size.

“The synergy of the operations is created by the richness of the events and the differences in the community.”

In international companies, coworking hubs are used especially by foreign visitors and employees. Many companies have also noticed the benefits brought on by networking, and the coworking community is often used when a company wants to develop a new service or business unit.

Professionally branded coworking hubs that make use of the latest technology and operate sustainably provide an opportunity for renewing corporate culture and increasing the company’s brand value. 

3. What is MOW? 

Mothership of Work is a popular coworking concept created by Sponda that currently has three different hubs: MOW Mothership located on Pikku-Roobertinkatu in Helsinki, MOW Stargate in the neighbourhood of Ruoholahti in Helsinki and the hub opening in the end of the year 2018 in Ratina, Tampere.

MOW represents genuine communal working culture where members are offered diverse services and a relaxed atmosphere of being together in addition to functional and comfortable premises.

All MOW hubs have the same basic services and an extensive offering of different working spaces. Plenty of different entertainment and professional events are organised at the hubs that you can participate when they are your cup of tea.

4. Do all the MOW hubs offer the same services?

All MOW hubs have the same basic services: different spaces for working and relaxing, reception service, a fast Internet connection, immediate IT support and high-quality coffee, tea and refreshments. They offer all kinds of events from seminars packed with facts to more entertaining events for the public. Each hub has its special atmosphere to which the hub’s members and the MOW Crew contribute.

“All MOWs have the same basic services, and the members can use all the hubs.”

5. Can members use all different hubs?

Absolutely. MOW membership includes the use of all hubs. The membership level defines the scope of the use in more detail.

The members of MOW have especially praised it for its friendly and efficient front desk and professional IT support. In addition, the comfortable premises and availability of meeting rooms of different sizes are commended. And of course, fresh coffee from a local roastery is a big bonus!

6. Who most benefits from MOW?

Our members include creative industry workers and people from more traditional businesses – and the sizes of the companies vary from one person startups to large international corporations. And that is what creates the synergy: a community that cherishes its differences and treats them as a richness.

7. How is sustainability reflected in the MOW concept?

The environment is taken into account both in the premises and purchases. The members of the Helsinki hubs can use the electric car and meeting bikes, recycling is efficient and all lighting fixtures of the premises turn on and off using motion detectors. At MOW, equality and communality are at the core of the concept: everyone is welcome and looked after.

Published 27.5.2018