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  • Property agent of the year 2018 stays on pace with change − guided by quality

Property agent of the year 2018 stays on pace with change − guided by quality

Sponda granted the 2017 property agent of the year award to Jones Lang LaSalle Finland Oy. The jury noted the company’s high-quality professionalism, activity and financial results.

National Director, Head of Leasing Katri Lehtonen has the pleasure of receiving the award for the company she represents. The property agent of the year title is proof that Jones Lang LaSalle has excelled in their operations.

“We have received this award once before. We have been patiently waiting for the next one,” smiles Lehtonen.

Jones Lang LaSalle Finland Oy’s award recipients: Katri Lehtonen, Kai Ervamaa, Sinan Imaditdin, Pasi Riikonen, Essi Seppänen, Heidi Sonninen and Rasmus Vuorinen and retail experts Anna Katainen and Sirpa Vuorimaa. The team also includes Jukka Kuusinen and Jukka Saloranta.

Sponda’s SVP, Office Properties Joona Reunanen praises JLL’s know-how and expertise.

“Few offices are able to maintain a level of excellence year in, year out, closing deals and leases at this rate. All barometers point to profitability.”

Reunanen extends his thanks on a personal level as well: he finds that Katri Lehtonen has always brought a high level of professionalism to the operations.

“It is wonderful to hear that we have been able to provide a service that is appreciated. We enjoy collaborating with Sponda, and it is this collaboration that produces results,” summarizes Lehtonen.

The criteria for the award, active collaboration and financial performance, fit the recipient well.

Good office space is attractive

According to Lehtonen, the office space market is enjoying a real boom.

“The scene is very active. The trend is companies seeking high-quality, technically developed facilities.

Lehtonen emphasizes that professional consultancy and agency is necessary for meeting the desires and demands of tenants.

“Good opportunities are wasted by going for savings simply by acquiring walls, and only thinking about improvements afterwards. Luckily, our clients are becoming more savvy, which is critical in this rapidly evolving world.”

All sectors are in need of office space, however, Lehtonen highlights creative industries and training providers as new entrants on the market in addition to IT companies.

“Companies are investing in training, and companies providing training are looking for the best possible facilities. Office space is also key in terms of recruitment: particularly young people are looking to work in a good office space.”

22.03.17, Sponda / Vuoden Välittäjä 2017, Lokaatio: Mikonkadun Radisson Blu, Toimittaja: Tarja Västilä, Tilaaja: Selja Tiilikainen / Otavamedia OMA , Valokuvaaja: Juho Kuva

Spurred by accolades

In addition to the collaboration with Sponda, Lehtonen extends her thanks to her nine-strong team and the retail duo. In addition to understanding the client’s needs, JJL’s strengths include market experience, expertise in the sector and the ability to react quickly.

“Professional skill level plays a key role in advancing appreciation for the industry. We are looking to be the star player who excels in everything. It is all about the quality.”

The atmosphere is that of a sports festival: Lehtonen carries the trophy plaque under her arm. Unlike in ice hockey, however, the celebration will not take place at the marketplace, as office space markets occupy valuable forums of other kinds.

Published 29.3.2018