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  • Focus on solutions and positive energy – Tuloskiinteistöt Oy was chosen as the property agent of 2021

Focus on solutions and positive energy – Tuloskiinteistöt Oy was chosen as the property agent of 2021

Sponda names Tuloskiinteistöt Oy the 2021 property agent of the year. The company’s expertise and attitude received special praise in the award evaluation process given the exceptional circumstances. “The team is actively looking for solutions and creating positive energy around them,” says Rasmus Vuorinen, Sponda’s Head of Office Leasing.

The award, which was announced at the Helsinki Citycenter on 17 March 2022, is received by Tuloskiinteistöt’s team of five – partner Jukka Knaapi, partner Jussi-Pekka Kouki, CEO Matti Äijälä, Head of Sales Jorma Ryynänen, and Junior Leasing Advisor Tommi Ryynänen.

“The award is very important recognition of work well done. We’re happy and proud about the award, and we owe major thanks to all our employees,” Knaapi says with gratitude. 

The purpose of the award is to highlight the top experts in the field and their significant role in facility leasing.

In addition to those who attended, the award-winning agency includes Leasing Advisor Ritva Nuotio, Leasing Advisor Juho Haapasalo, and Marketing Assistant Julia Knaapi. The company operates in both Helsinki and Turku and focuses especially on the leasing of business premises.

The active attitude stems from the corporate culture

Sponda’s Rasmus Vuorinen, who presented the award, emphasises the agency’s strong expertise and positive attitude, which fit the criteria for the award, the importance of which has been emphasised by the exception period.

“The professionals at Tuloskiinteistöt Oy listen carefully to different parties and work hard for common goals, which has also produced significant results. The team’s positive attitude and energy have also been exemplary and inspiring during this exceptional period,” Vuorinen says.

Jorma Ryynänen, Head of Sales at Tuloskiinteistöt, who collected a great deal of positive feedback and made one of the biggest deals of the year received the recognition presented by Rasmus Vuorinen.

According to Knaapi, the active attitude of the employees stems from the corporate culture. In an agile company consisting of nine people, everyone works in the customer interface, and the work is done autonomously. The agency also hosts many joint activities.

“A good example is that even during the coronavirus pandemic, everyone wanted to work at the office, even though customer contacts were mainly handled remotely,” says the CEO with a laugh.

Listening to the customer is vital

There is a long history behind the fruitful and good-natured cooperation. Tuloskiinteistöt Oy, which was founded in 1987, has been a partner of Sponda throughout the company’s history.

Experience and attitude! Tuloskiinteistöt’s representative team of five – partner Jussi-Pekka Kouki, CEO Matti Äijälä, Junior Leasing Advisor Tommi Ryynänen, partner Jukka Knaapi, and Head of Sales Jorma Ryynänen.

“We know Sponda’s sites, needs, and employees well. We value their strong expertise and ability to respond quickly to customer wishes or offers. The material we receive from Sponda is also of a high standard, which also creates an image for the customer of a professional client who takes care of their properties,” Knaapi says.

Although remote work has changed the facility needs of companies, the work of a property agency has remained unchanged.

Although the coronavirus pandemic and increased remote work have changed the business needs of companies, Knaapi considers that the role of a property agency remains unchanged.

“The agency’s job is to identify the needs of the customer and the lessor and then work with the owner to acquire the best experts to address the customer’s needs and wishes.”

Sponda employees have written their own greetings on the back of the diploma. The successful and good-natured cooperation of the companies is based on a long history, during which employees have become familiar with each other.

Sponda’s Vuorinen also lists listening to the customer as the number one priority.  

“Tenants are becoming more quality-conscious and organise tenders for multiple properties. It is important to us that the agency can communicate to us both the customer’s conscious and unconscious needs so that we can respond to them as comprehensively as possible.”

Remote work increased the value of business premises

According to Knaapi, the importance of the location, attractiveness and sustainability of business premises has been emphasised in recent years. Top business premises in city centre areas and growth centres are in demand. The recruitment value of the premises has also increased.

Vuorinen considers it the lessor’s lifeline to be able to offer high-quality premises and respond quickly to the customer’s changing needs.

The lessor’s lifeline is to be able to offer high-quality premises and respond quickly to the customer’s changing needs.

“The coronavirus pandemic has acted as an effective catalyst in the transformation of office culture into hybrid work that utilises technology. The change has also strongly emphasised the aspects of environmental responsibility, the quality of premises and wellbeing at work.”

According to Vuorinen, after the remote working boom, many companies have noticed that the office plays a critical role in the company’s success.

The award ceremony ends with coffee and cake. The purpose of the property agent of the year award is to increase the appreciation of the industry by highlighting top experts in the field and their significant role in facility leasing.

“From the perspective of corporate culture and management, it’s important to enable employee encounters and innovation. We strive to provide the premises for companies to grow and progress.”

The award ceremony will continue at Citycenter with festive catering and relaxed encounters. The team members receive flowers and congratulations, and no one seems in a hurry to leave.

“The best things at work are the encounters, even if you don’t always get to leave with a bunch of flowers and a diploma,” Knaapi laughs.