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  • “Companies seek inspiring spaces” – the award-winning Property Brokers of the Year know the wishes of companies

“Companies seek inspiring spaces” – the award-winning Property Brokers of the Year know the wishes of companies

Companies are more particular when choosing their business premises. The award-winning property brokers of 2023 know that offices should inspire workers, reflect the company’s identity, and provide flexibility for future changes and growth. A central location is no longer just a benefit, but a necessity.

Sponda’s traditional Property Broker of the Year award was presented at the company’s Kukontori office on 22 March 2024. The award for 2023 went to Bureau Real Estate Finland Oy and ScanReal Oy. Bureau Real Estate Finland became the top agent in the Helsinki metropolitan area, while ScanReal stood out as Sponda’s most active partner.

Scanreal’s Toni Aulo and Jan Nyberg appreciate receiving the award.

“Both of the companies we awarded have an active and customer-oriented approach to their work. We are very pleased with our smooth cooperation and how energetically the brokers are looking for companies interested in our properties,” says Magnus Öster, Leasing Director at Sponda.

The ability of the property brokers to conclude leases with Sponda and their enthusiastic way of working work are praised by Sponda’s entire leasing team. According to Öster, an active approach is in order, as more and more companies are interested in moving their premises to the heart of Helsinki.

After the award ceremony, there was a little tour around Sponda’s new headquarters.

Professionalism and flexibility are the key to good cooperation

The award-winning property brokers thank Sponda for the smooth cooperation and consider the recognition to be a great culmination to the cooperation. The award is testament to Sponda’s appreciation for the brokers and their commitment to listening to customers’ wishes and providing and developing high-quality property services.

“Sponda employees are true professionals in property who are committed to and flexible in their work. In addition, their team is helpful in answering questions from both us and our customers. Sponda’s expertise and willingness to cooperate are key success factors in our property projects,” says Jan Nyberg, Business Premises Consultant at ScanReal.

CEO Mikko Kivimäki of Bureau Real Estate Finland agrees with Nyberg, thanking Sponda for the easy availability of its professional personnel – a seemingly simple fact that is a great help in successful leasing.

Bureau Real Estate Finland became the top brokers in the Helsinki metropolitan area – Rony Korsström, Mikko Kivimäki and Ida Välimaa pictured.

Businesses are looking for inspiring and accessible premises

After the pandemic, there is a relatively large amount of free office space in the Helsinki metropolitan area, but property brokers know that not just any space will meet the requirements and wishes of companies.

“Right now, companies place particular emphasis on central location, features, and adaptability in their choice of premises. Of course, costs are also a factor. For companies, it is important that the premises reflect their values and brand,” says Nyberg.

According to Nyberg, the importance of the office as a place for social encounters and cooperation has increased. Companies now need to invest in the central location, comfort, and local services of their premises in order to attract workers.

Kivimäki agrees. Offices in central locations that are easily accessible are now in high demand. Basic services must also be in place. The availability and retention of the workforce also have a clear and increasing impact on companies’ business premises decisions. There is even competition for good premises in certain areas.

The award-winning companies praise Sponda for the smooth cooperation and consider the recognition a great culmination of the work.

“In the post-pandemic transition, we are still finding where the new normal lies. Some companies are willing to give up extra space, but at the same time, they are looking for better locations and inspiring spaces. Many companies are looking for flexible spaces that support the hybrid work model. The responsibility aspects are also further emphasised by companies in choosing where to conduct their business.”

Property brokers – sellers, guides or fortune tellers?

Few companies have a crystal-clear idea about what sort of space will serve their needs best when they initially set off to find a new place of business. A professional property broker understands the customer’s needs and can question them to see what is really needed and to anticipate the future.

“A good broker is able to offer a comprehensive set of suitable options on the market and handle the practical matters smoothly. Best of all, property broker services are free of charge for customers seeking premises, so they are definitely worth using,” says Kivimäki.

In order for the property broker to build a confidential relationship with the customer and other stakeholders, they need good people and communication skills. The ability to listen to the customer is repeated in the speeches of both award-winning companies.

“We don’t think of ourselves as sellers or agents, but as guides. It’s important that the brokers help the company find the right premises for them that support the company culture. A professional broker understands the market situation, is able to analyse the customer’s needs, and provides comprehensive information about the different options. They can find the most suitable solution for the customer that meets their business needs and goals,” says Nyberg.

Congratulations to both companies!