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  • A breathtaking growth rate and interesting development projects – Tikkurila is one of Vantaa’s top growth centres

A breathtaking growth rate and interesting development projects – Tikkurila is one of Vantaa’s top growth centres

Tikkurila in Vantaa is a constantly developing district that is easily accessible. The area’s attraction lies in a broad range of services and actors, and fascinating cultural experiences. According to plans, trams will be taken into use in Tikkurila in 2028.

Situated alongside major highways and rail connections, Tikkurila can be reached easily by car and train from far and near. The Ring Rail Line allows air passengers to quickly travel to Helsinki Airport and from there down the main line onwards to other parts of Finland via Tikkurila.

Tikkurila’s greatest asset is its location, with excellent transport connections. You can live, study, work, and enjoy the rich culture and event selection at the third busiest railway station.

However, Tikkurila is not just a transit area. There are many good reasons to stay even longer in the pleasant area.  

“In addition to transport connections, the Tikkurila area is interesting in terms of the surrounding nature, its cultural history, its location along the Keravanjoki river and its diverse range of services. Tikkurila is one of the fastest growing centres in Vantaa, always offering different types of activities,” says Antti Kari, Director of Real Estate and Housing, City of Vantaa.

Urban energy and cultural events

The urban centre of Tikkurila’s wide area comprises the joint services and recreational areas of the Viertola and Jokiniemi districts.

The parish village of Helsinki is one of the most significant cultural environments in the entire Helsinki metropolitan area. The largest medieval event in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the classical music festival BRQ Vantaa Festival are held in the area.

“In recent years, several companies have migrated further away from the Helsinki city centre to fast growing easily accessible districts. The restaurant sector is even talking about a Tikkurila boom, which has increased the standard, number, and popularity of the restaurants in the area to a new high,” Kari says.  

With trendy new restaurants, Tikkurila is becoming a real favourite destination for foodies. Newcomers to the area include the legendary burger restaurant Mike’s Diner, Putte’s Bar & Pizza, which serves artisan pizzas, and the atmospheric Pupusaari Café.

Tikkurila’s accumulating stock of companies and the new commercial and office facilities in the centre are believed to create more synergy between different actors.

“Company clusters can create services for a wider set of services and support each other in a new way. Cooperation is bearing fruit.”

The exceptional period has also emphasised Tikkurila’s role as a natural environment with a cultural history. The region offers a great setting for afterwork activities for both companies and residents with its cultural and science centres, festivals and developing park areas.

In Tikkurila, learning, living and working come together in many ways. Popular places to visit in the area include the Finnish Science Centre Heureka, the Vernissa cultural centre, Teatteri Vantaa, Galleria K, the Pessi cultural centre and the Kuninkaalan Maalarimuseo museum.

“The cultural and historical riverbank of Keravanjoki is being developed into a blue-green lounge or oasis for city dwellers. They will also benefit from a more diverse range of theatres with the opening of theatre facilities in Jokisali in Silkkitehdas,” Kari says.  

The restored riverbank is being developed into a blue-green lounge for city dwellers. The Tikkurilankoski dam was also demolished in 2010 as part of the riverbank’s renovation. Now the trout are rising to the centre of Tikkurila.

Tremendous development on many different levels

Transport connections are being developed along with diversifying services. A tramline from Hakunila to Aviapolis and the airport via Tikkurila is planned.  Construction work on the tramway is scheduled to begin in 2024.

“If the project proceeds according to plan, people will be able to board a tram in Tikkurila in 2028,” Kari says.

If Vantaa approves the tramline, people will be able to board a tram in Tikkurila in 2028 at the earliest. Vantaa’s first tramline would travel from Hakunila to Aviapolis and the airport via Tikkurila.

Several construction projects are currently underway, including the construction of new residential and office buildings and a new church block. The main police station in Vantaa and the new premises of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority will also be built in Jokiniemi in the next few years. 

“Town planning in the ‘campus’ area in Jokiniemi has begun. Learning, living, and working come together in a new way in the campus environment, which utilises innovative solutions. Development in the whole Tikkurila area is considerable,” Antti Kari says.

A new office building will have strong environmentally friendly solutions and versatile services

Sponda is building a new energy-efficient office building near the Tikkurila train station, with an emphasis on high-quality, sustainable solutions and the flexibility of the premises. The office building, which will mainly be used by Valmet, is at crest height and will be completed at the turn of 2024-2025.

“Tikkurila is a strongly developing district located at the heart of excellent transport connections, which as a location serves our current needs and future goals in a variety of ways. Good transport connections in the Helsinki metropolitan area, to the rest of Finland as well as abroad are important to us. The new facilities will support our operations and the well-being of our staff well into the future in the best possible way. The new office building is a significant investment in our personnel in Finland,” says Kimmo Kohtamäki, Valmet’s Group Real Estate Management Director.

The property itself produces renewable energy for its own use and the use of an environmentally friendly geothermal power system also improves energy efficiency. Renewable energy solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building. The building is aiming for energy efficiency class A and a platinum-level LEED environmental certificate.

The office building still has 3,600 square meters of vacant office space that can be leased to either one or more companies as 800 square meters of floor space.

The daily life of those working in the new building is supported by the building’s versatile services, such as a lunch restaurant, a Lidl store, and a large bike park and social facilities connected to it. A parking garage for around 600 cars and more than 200 charging points for electric cars will be completed next to the premises.

“We are happy that we can finally open a store near the Tikkurila train station, where we have been wanted for a long time. The store, which deviates from the usual Lidl concept, will open in connection with the office and business premises and will meet the grocery needs of the residents of the area. We believe that the people of Tikkurila will welcome the new Lidl store well,” says Toni Lautala, Lidl’s real estate development manager.

The building’s own services that make daily life easier are complemented by the area’s versatile service offering. The property is located in the immediate vicinity of the Tikkurila train station and shopping center Dix.

Updated 30.1.2024


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