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Tikkurila is growing and developing

Tikkurila in Vantaa is a constantly developing district that lies within easy reach. Its attractiveness is also increased by its broad range of services and actors. According to plans, trams will be taken into use in Tikkurila in 2028.

Situated alongside major highways and rail connections, Tikkurila can be reached easily by car and train from far and near. The Ring Rail Line allows air passengers to quickly travel to Helsinki Airport and from there onwards to other parts of Finland via Tikkurila. 

Tikkurila lies within good transport connections. It is easy to reach by car and train.

However, Tikkurila is not just a transit area. There are many good reasons to stay longer in the pleasant area.

”In addition to transport connections, the Tikkurila area is interesting in terms of the surrounding nature, history, location alongside the river Keravanjoki and its diverse range of services. Tikkurila is one of the strongest growing centres in Vantaa, constantly offering different types of activities”, says Antti Kari, Director of Real Estate and Housing, City of Vantaa.

There are currently several large construction projects of different phases in the centre of Tikkurila. The old office building alongside Kielotie, for example, has been demolished and the winner of the competitive tendering for new premises has been selected. The administration of the City of Vantaa will move to the new premises at the latest in 2025.

“Tikkurila is one of the strongest growing centres in Vantaa”, says Antti Kari, Director of Real Estate and Housing, City of Vantaa.

”Town planning, in the so-called campus area in Jokiniemi, will also begin this year. Development takes place at two levels: through the City of Vantaa’s projects related to the campus, as well as the campus’ own content activities. Development in the whole Tikkurila area is considerable”, Antti Kari says. The tram line will offer more flexibility in internal transports in Tikkurila. According to Antti Kari, if the project proceeds according to plan, people can board a tram in Tikkurila in 2028. The tram line network construction work is scheduled to begin in 2024 if the city council approves the investment in 2023.

If all goes as planned, trams will be taken into use in Tikkurila in 2028. The development of the campus area in Jokiniemi, will also begin this year.

Free premises in Väritehtaankatu

A new commercial property close to the campus area to be constructed, will be completed  at the address Väritehtaankatu 8 by the end of 2021,. Many companies benefitting from the central location have already signed a rental agreement for the premises. Among others, the premises will house a medical centre, a gym and a restaurant chain, but vacant business space is still available. 

The office and business premises at Väritehtaankatu 8 offer a lot of space for running a business. The diverse range of services will support the area’s inhabitants, employees, students and companies.

”There is still free business space with outdoor decks at the street level, which are ideal for a café, restaurant or some other recreational service. The premises can be customised according to the tenant’s needs. Only the external walls are the limit,” says Kari Autio, Sponda’s Development Manager.

The benefit of having a range of mutually complementary actors in the premises is also recognised by the City of Vantaa.

”It would be nice if we could attract company clusters to the facilities who could support each other and form broader services that would also benefit the campus. Cooperation bears fruit,” Antti Kari says.

Environmentally friendly and work enhancing solutions

Sponda has invested in the sustainability of the premises in Väritehtaankatu. Special attention has been paid to energy efficiency and environment-saving solutions in the planning and construction of the building. The property uses green electricity, and solar panels will be installed on its roof. A LEED environmental certificate will be applied for the building.

The new office and commercial premises at Väritehtaankatu 8 will be a cluster of diverse services.

According to Kari Autio from Sponda, special attention in the commercial facilities has been paid regarding the safety and work satisfaction. The quality of indoor air in the property exceeds usual requirements. By ensuring healthy indoor air and steady ventilation, commercial facilities can be made more comfortable and support the wellbeing of the people working in the building.

According to Sponda’s Kari Autio, Development Manager, Sponda has invested in sustainability in the Väritehtaankatu property.

”Green values are always present in Sponda’s activities. We carefully examine all possibilities to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of our properties and utilise renewable energy,” Kari Autio says.


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