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  • Sponda’s extranet has been updated – the improved tool makes everyday life easier for tenant companies

Sponda’s extranet has been updated – the improved tool makes everyday life easier for tenant companies

With the updated extranet service, it is now easier to send service requests, book common spaces and follow property-related communication. In addition, the extranet now functions even better than before on mobile devices.

When an employee of one of Sponda’s customer organisations notices that there is something wrong in their office – for example, a problem with the air conditioning, heating or other building system – they report it on our extranet service using their mobile phone. Then the employee receives a link to the property maintenance system by email. Via the link, they can monitor how the service process is progressing. Once the problem has been fixed, the employee will be notified by email.

Unnecessary features have been left out, the operating logic has been improved and there are more graphic elements.

The situation above is an example of how Sponda’s updated extranet will facilitate customers’ everyday lives. According to Paula Jääskeläinen, leasing coordinator at Sponda, the most important benefit of the update is that it is now possible to use the service more comprehensively on a mobile device.  

“It is now easier than before to use the extranet on your mobile phone. Unnecessary features have been left out, the operating logic has been improved and there are more graphic elements”, says Jääskeläinen.

Clearer user interface

The updated system now brings four different parties – the tenant, Sponda, the property manager and the maintenance staff – closer together. The new service portal is also more user-friendly.

The look of the extranet is similar to Sponda’s new brand image. In addition, the structure and functionality of the extranet have been improved. All the important services and bulletins are now on the front page.

“Customers had given us feedback about the extranet service in a questionnaire, and this was taken into account in the update. Now the new clearer user interface meets customers’ needs better. Thanks to the improved mobile usability, we are able to inform customers of property-related matters and events more rapidly”, says Jääskeläinen.

All the services that the tenants use the most can be found on the first page of the extranet. After the sections concerning booking spaces and making service requests, there are current bulletins and a property-specific data bank, as well as the contact details of people responsible for different properties. 

The new brand is visible on the extranet

When updating the extranet, visual aspects were strongly emphasised. Sponda wanted to highlight its new brand, which was revealed in autumn, on the extranet too. The classic colour palette used on Sponda’s website is now visible on the extranet. Petrol blue and quartz green as well as clear-cut typography enrich the dark look.

Spondan vuokrauskoordinaattori Paula Jääskeläinen.
Leasing coordinator Paula Jääskeläinen was in charge of updating the extranet. She would like to receive feedback and development ideas about the new system from customers. “The system will never be ready, and we want to continuously improve our extranet based on users’ experiences.”

“The new service and the new look have made companies operating in our properties interested in advertising their own services. However, we want to keep the extranet as our official communication and contact channel. Our customers must be able to trust that all information available in the service is of utmost importance to them”, Jääskeläinen emphasises.

Promoting sustainability

Sustainability is an increasingly important matter to Sponda’s tenants, and that is why there will be more information available about sustainability on the extranet.

According to Sponda’s sustainability manager Pirkko Airaksinen, companies can use the service to follow consumption data related to their property and use the data to achieve their own Green Office targets. In addition, there are detailed instructions on how to recycle plastic, something in which Sponda has been a pioneer in the field.  

Spondan vastuullisuuspäällikkö Pirkko Airaksinen.
The extranet also supports tenants in terms of sustainability. “At the beginning of 2021, property-specific recycling rates, waste amounts and CO2 emission data will be available on the extranet”, says Pirkko Airaksinen, sustainability manager at Sponda.

“Tenants also have access to other high-quality guides, such as the guide on how to save energy, our manual for tenants and property-specific sorting instructions. The guides contain practical information about how to adopt sustainable practices and make them part of a company’s corporate culture”, says Airaksinen.