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  • Metsä/Skogen grows from bricks and mortar – the right location is vital for its unique concept

Metsä/Skogen grows from bricks and mortar – the right location is vital for its unique concept

When lifestyle concept Metsä/Skogen was looking for premises for its flagship store, the space had to meet strict criteria. Metsä/Skogen wanted a location that would attract a large number of visitors and a space that would offer a unique customer experience, supporting the company’s target of international growth. 

Walking along Mannerheimintie, one suddenly hears the whistling of a black-headed diver, accompanied by the chatter of a fieldfare. The birdsong emanates from the direction of a fascinating display window with gnarled tree branches and moss hummocks.

The lush and green display window and enticing nature sounds attract passers-by to open the door and enter. 

There are no clocks or business outfits in sight because the store treasures tranquility and wellbeing. The concept welcomes people to sit down and challenges them to think about what they really need.

Inside, the store offers even more sensory experiences. The smell of a forest and nature sounds create a sense of tranquility. A setting sun gives the space a reddish glow.

‘If you don’t need it, don’t buy it” is our message.

“This is a slow living concept that was inspired by forests. Metsä/Skogen combines a store, restaurant and wellness services,” says Carita Peltonen, Founder of Metsä/Skogen, who is standing behind the service desk.

Forest – an untapped resource

The story behind the business idea starts with Peltonen’s burnout, from which she recovered with the help of forests.

Konseptin ydin on rauhoittumiseen tarkoitettu alttarialue. Pyöreissä korituoleissa voi ihailla satumaisen kauniita luontokuvia ja nauttia tilan metsäisistä äänistä ja tunnelmasta.
The calming altar area is the soul of the unique concept. Round basket chairs invite visitors to admire stunning nature imagery and enjoy the relaxing forest sounds and atmosphere.

“Forests gave me a sense of empowerment, and I wanted to offer the same experience to others. Our concept helps people find strength in nature and shop responsibly.”

We wanted a location that is welcoming to all kinds of people.

The store features carefully selected clothes, cosmetics and interior design items. The small cafeteria serves lunch, and the store offers a range of wellness services, including guided forest walks (available soon). All the products and services provided by Metsä/Skogen are centred around nature and responsibility.

”Pahoinvointi maksaa suomalaiselle yhteiskunnalle 25 miljardia eroa joka vuosi, me tarvitsemme kipeästi uudenlaisia voimaantumisen kokemuksia ja paikkoja”, sanoo Metsä/Skogenin perustaja Carita Peltonen.
“Every year, wellbeing problems cost society EUR 25 billion society. There is a dire need for new kinds of experiences and places of empowerment,” says Carita Peltonen, Founder of Metsä/Skogen.

“In addition to the ecological aspect, our products have a strong design point of view. However, we want everyone to be able to shop responsibly, which is why our products are affordable. You can also come here simply to relax and be inspired. We don’t want to encourage unnecessary shopping,” Peltonen says.

Metsä/Skogen koukuttaa asiakkaita kestävillä tuotteilla ja ainutlaatuisilla makuelämyksillä. Asiakkaiden – ja etenkin miesasiakkaiden – määrä on ylittänyt kaikki odotukset. Myös koirat ovat liikkeeseen tervetulleita.
The store features carefully selected clothes, cosmetics and interior design items.

The concept provides a separate area that is reserved for relaxation: the altar. Also known as the soul of Metsä/Skogen, the altar offers basket chairs in which visitors can sit back and watch slowly changing views of nature and enjoy forest sounds and smells. 

Visible location and adaptable space

As the company has such a specific concept and high expectations for international growth, its criteria concerning the space were numerous. The space had to be versatile and located in a visible spot with high tourist and customer flows. The company also needed sufficient storage space. 

Yritykselle haluttiin tilat, joissa oma konsepti ja brändi pääsevät hyvin esiin. Spondan liiketiloissa vaikutuksen tekivät metsän puita muistuttavat isot pylväät, suuri näyteikkuna sekä tilan juhlallinen korkeus.
Metsä/Skogen wanted a space that would highlight the unique concept and brand. Details that impressed them at Sponda’s retail space were the large, tree-like columns and majestic height. 

“Shopping centres with their own brands or high-end galleries are not for us. Forests are all about diversity, and we wanted a location that is welcoming to all kinds of people,” says Peltonen, explaining the decision.  

Furthermore, the space had to be adaptable to different uses.

Yrityksellä on oma äänimaisema sekä brändituoksu. Brändituoksusta on tullut myös suosittu myyntituote.
Metsä/Skogen has its own brand scent and a purpose-designed forest soundscape.

“We hold private events, workshops and mindfulness sessions in the evenings, so adaptability was an essential requirement. We also update the concept and design of the store continuously, which is why the space has to be flexible”, Peltonen says.

Perfect premises in Erottaja

The company finally found suitable premises at Bulevardi 1, a property owned by Sponda. The Erottaja area close to Esplanade Park is popular among tourists, which makes it ideal for attracting both international and Finnish visitors.

Moreover, the space had just the right atmosphere for the brand. It took a couple of months to customise and renovate the space to meet the company’s demands.

Liikkeen sisällä toimiva Mushroom Bar tarjoaa keittolounaan lisäksi pakuri-sikuricappuccinoa. Jälkiruoaksi voi maistella tikussa paistettuja vaahtokarkkeja tai villiruusumustikkasmoothieta.
Located at the same premises, Mushroom Bar serves lunchtime soup and health-promoting chaga mushroom and chicory cappuccino. The dessert menu features delicacies such as roasted marshmallows and wild rose and blueberry smoothies. 

According to Peltonen, the choice of a property partner was also affected by values. Ranked as the most responsible property sector company in Europe in its peer group, Sponda had convinced Peltonen also in her earlier career. 

Rentouttava tunnelma ja metsäinen sisustus jatkuu yrityksen kaikissa tiloissa.
The relaxing atmosphere and nature-inspired decor continue in every space.

“I was impressed with Sponda’s systematic responsibility during my career in B2B. Co-operation with Sponda has been smooth, and the company has taken our unique brand and goals into account well,” Peltonen says. 

Bringing life to bricks and mortar

According to Peltonen, brick and mortar stores can succeed under the pressure posed by e-commerce if they find ways to offer new experiences and a sense of community to customers.

She challenges independent stores to more active co-operation in the manner of shopping centres, pointing out that networking and joint marketing would benefit store owners and customers alike.

Details that impressed at Sponda’s retail space were the large, tree-like columns and majestic height. 

The flagship store has been received extremely well, and Metsä/Skogen intends to open more stores in Finland and abroad. The location of stores is paramount in the company’s growth strategy.

“A location that supports our concept is vital for our stores. Large cities, tourist attractions and airports are our playground. The rest of our stores will be smaller, but equally full of experiences. Internationally, we are aiming towards the Asian market,” says Peltonen, laying out her plans.Are you looking for an office space to enhance your company’s competitiveness? Contact our experts >>

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