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  • High remote attendance at Nordic Business Forum – Sponda offered live streaming for its customers

High remote attendance at Nordic Business Forum – Sponda offered live streaming for its customers

Sponda invited its customers to follow the Nordic Business Forum via live stream at three of its locations. Remote attendance allowed access to the sold-out summit for corporate executives.

With some seats still empty, the audience is slowly arriving for the first speaker at Nordic Business Forum. First organised in 2010, the event, founded by Hans-Peter Siefen and Jyri Lindén from Jyväskylä, has grown to be one of the most influential business events in Europe. The two-day conference attracts Finnish and international top speakers, and the attendees, many of them corporate executives, hail from dozens of countries.

Right now, however, we are not among the audience of seven thousand at the Helsinki Expo & Convention Centre, but across the city in Ruoholahti at coworking space MOW Stargate. The live stream, offered by Sponda to its customers at MOW Stargate, in Bank’s auditorium on Unioninkatu and at the Tulli Business Park in Tampere, makes it possible to remotely attend the Nordic Business Forum summit. Accompanied by the smell of popcorn, the crowd at Stargate watches the first speakers via live stream.

”I hope to one day attend the event in person, but for those us who are self-employed, participation in the summit is a costly affair,” tells entrepreneur Kati Stenius at Stargate.

Remote attendance is simpler as Stenius has her workspace at the MOW. In addition to hearing inspiring speeches, Stenius hopes to form networks with fellow live stream followers. In the next seat, Liisa Järvilehto from HUS is especially interested in this year’s themes of responsibility, purpose and leadership.

”The presentations also feature matters related to health care business, which is significant for my work. At the same time, many topics in the event are quite removed from my own field and give new food for thought,” Järvilehto says.

Remote attendance as part of future business premises solutions

After the initial speakers Stéphane Garelli and Adam Grant, the crowd at Bank’s auditorium on Unioninkatu stays to watch the live studio interviews. Breaks in the summit’s schedule give an opportunity for exchanging thoughts with other attendees over coffee, even when the event is followed remotely. Tapio Raunama, Project Development Manager at Sweco, has arrived to hear the afternoon’s presentations.

”What interests me in the event is learning about current worldwide trends. Of Monday’s speakers, Richard Branson is especially of interest,” Raunama says.

With its line-up of famous speakers, it is small wonder that the 7,500 tickets to the event were sold out. In addition to those already mentioned, the day featured presentations by James HansenRachel Botsman and Will Smith. Due to the limited space or expensive tickets, many eager listeners were unable to attend in person. In the future, live streams of events are likely to grow more popular, and the need for various spaces in which to view them will increase.

This year, a total of close to 20,000 people followed the Nordic Business Forum stream remotely. Although the atmosphere in the Expo & Convention Centre is, no doubt, unforgettable, the speeches are sure to also inspire remote attendees.

”The presentations have strengthened my own thoughts and ideas on work and leadership. For example, it was discussed that work should be about enjoying what you are doing,” describes Sanna Järvinen-Muhonen, HR Manager at KappAhl and one of the attendees of the live stream at Bank.

Attendance that fits your schedule

Those invited to attend the event at Sponda’s premises were able to take part flexibly around their own schedules. It was possible to listen to all of the day’s presentations or any single speech. The event was also well suited as part of the offices’ daily activities. Captain Dana Hautanen, who was in charge of organising the live stream at MOW Stargate, says that the event sparked interest in advance and is a natural addition to MOW’s diverse services and spaces.

”The event venue at MOW Stargate has a relaxed atmosphere and is suitable for many types of events. The room used to watch the live stream is more akin to a movie theatre than an auditorium. Attending the event at MOW is effortless, whether for the entire day or a quick visit whenever convenient,” Hautanen explains.

Published 6.10.2017