Main focus areas of sustainability

Our vision is to be the most trusted and profitable operator and a sustainability leader in the property sector. Our new sustainability programme sets our objectives for 2023-2025. We have defined our energy objectives until 2030 and the climate goals aim for carbon neutrality in terms of energy consumption by 2025. The sustainability themes are based on our strategy and have been defined together with our stakeholders.

Based on the wishes of our stakeholders, the following four themes became the core focus areas of Sponda’s sustainability operations: environment, society, personnel and governance.

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Listed below are the themes of our new sustainability programme. 

Environment – Our properties make a difference

We are creating the net-zero buildings of the future by increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions together with our partners. We look for ways to increase circularity and biodiversity in urban spaces.

Future-proof properties and innovative solutions for energy generation & management 

  • All new buildings and major renovation projects are certified. Target level is LEED Platinum or BREEAM Excellent.
  • BREEAM In-use certifications will also be pursued.
  • By 2025, 94% of assets are certified based on property value (TEV%)
  • Reduction of energy consumption in properties in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Programme
  • Measuring and increasing taxonomy-aligned turnover, capex and opex
  • Increasing the number of installations for solar PVs

Carbon neutral properties and emissions reductions in the value chain

  • Carbon neutrality by 2025 in terms of energy consumption (Scope 1 and 2)
  • Reduction of value chain emissions (Scope 3)
  • Carbon footprint (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) calculations in a property development.

Circularity throughout the lifecycle of buildings

  • Improving waste recycling rates
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Promotion of circular practices in new development and major renovation projects

Consideration and promotion of biodiversity in properties

  • Assessment and management of Sponda’s nature-related impacts
  • Increasing the share of portfolio with a biodiversity assessment conducted by an ecologist
  • Development of a biodiversity strategy

Society – Spaces bring us together

Our properties are the cornerstones of a safe, healthy, and sustainable community. We make daily sustainability actions easy for our tenants and promote active collaboration. 

Good indoor air quality, health and safety in Sponda’s properties, safety at construction sites

  • Development of indoor air quality operating model and guidelines
  • Safety audit conducted for each property once every three years
  • Zero accidents in Sponda’s properties and at construction sites

Promotion of tenant dialogue and commitment to sustainability action

  • Overall customer satisfaction level over 4 (on scale of 1 to 5)
  • Customer satisfaction regarding sustainability collaboration with Sponda
  • Improving sustainability data availability and usability in tenant-facing systems.

Promotion of easy and sustainable access in Sponda’s properties

  • Increasing the number of EV charging stations and bicycle storage spaces

Sense of community and engagement in Sponda’s properties

  • Increasing the number of community engagement projects in shopping centres
  • Sponda’s personnel are offered 1-2 days a year for volunteer work

Employees – People make it happen

We put the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees first. Our people can grow in an open and inclusive working culture. 

Employee health, safety and well-being 

  • eNPS and engagement index will be improved compared to the previous year
  • Mandatory health and safety trainings

Variety of opportunities for the professional growth of employees

  • Providing trainings for employees
  • Sponda’s trainee program

Diversity, inclusion and equal treatment

  • Promoting diverse representation in management roles
  • Increasing salary equality according to gender and role

Good and fair leadership

  • Providing leadership trainings to line managers
  • Leadership index will be improved compared to the previous year

Governance – Building on a progressive foundation

We are a sustainability leader in our sector. We develop sustainable practices and strive to safeguard human rights together with our partners. 

Ethical business conduct and transparency in communication

  • Mandatory trainings on the Code of Conduct and supporting policies
  • Developing Sponda’s approach to managing human rights risks and impacts

Robust sustainability risk assessment

  • Improving the quality and depth of the climate risk and opportunity assessment according to TCFD recommendations
  • Increasing the share of portfolio for which a property-level climate risk assessment has been performed
  • Description of asset level climate risk assessments and list of properties where risk assessments have been carried out can be found here.

Requirements and regular monitoring for sustainability in the supply chain

  • Commitment to the Code of Business Conduct
  • Increasing the share of key suppliers assessed annually with sustainability criteria
  • Robust process for identifying and managing the sustainability risk of suppliers

Leading sustainability performance

  • To maintain the full 5 stars in the GRESB assessment

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We apply for international environmental classifications – a LEED or BREEAM environmental certificate – for all property development and significant renovation projects. In addition, we apply for BREEAM In-Use certifications for our existing properties. 90% of Sponda’s property portfolio is environmentally certified by the property value.

Sponda’s LEED® certified properties

Koy Tampereen Tulli Business Park Åkerlundinkatu, Tampere 2014, Gold
Citycenter office tower Kaivokatu, Helsinki 2011, Gold

Sponda’s BREEAM® certified properties

Koy Dianapuisto Erottajankatu 7, Helsinki 2024, Excellent
Koy Helsingin Vuorikatu 14 Vuorikatu 14, Helsinki 2024, Excellent
Koy Paulon Talo Kaisaniemenkatu 4, Helsinki 2024, Excellent
Koy Kaisaniemenkatu 2b Kaisaniemenkatu 2b, Helsinki 2024, Excellent
Oy Mikonlinna Ab Mikonkatu 15, Helsinki 2024, Excellent
Koy Mikonkatu 19 Mikonkatu 19, Helsinki 2024, Excellent
Koy Mikonkatu 17 Mikonkatu 17, Helsinki 2024, Excellent
Koy Heimola Yliopistonkatu 5, Helsinki 2024, Very Good
Koy Helsingin Valimotie 27 A Valimotie 27 A, Helsinki 2023, Excellent
Koy Espoon Upseerinkatu 1-3 Upseerinkatu 1-3, Espoo 2023, Very Good
Koy Hämeenkatu 20 Hämeenkatu 20, Tampere 2023, Very Good
Koy Hämeenkatu 18 Hämeenkatu 18, Tampere 2023, Very Good
Koy Helsingin Kalevankatu 30 Kalevankatu 30, Helsinki  2023, Excellent
Citycenter shopping centre Kaivokatu 8, Helsinki  2023, Excellent
Koy Arkadiankatu 4-6 Arkadiankatu 4-6, Helsinki  2023, Excellent
Koy Iso Roobertinkatu 21-25 Iso Roobertinkatu 23, Helsinki  2023, Excellent
Koy Unioninkatu 20-22
Unioninkatu, Helsinki 2023, Excellent
Ratina shopping centre Vuolteenkatu 1, Tampere 2023, Excellent
Koy Kumpulantie 11 Kumpulantie 11, 00520 Helsinki 2023, Very Good
Koy Tampereen Näsilinnankatu 39-43 Näsilinnankatu 41-43, Tampere 2023, Very Good
Koy Kauppa-Häme Hämeenkatu 16, Tampere 2023, Very Good
Korkeavuorenkatu 35, Helsinki Korkeavuorenkatu 35, Helsinki 2022, Very Good
Koy Kasarmikatu 36 Kasarmikatu 36, Helsinki 2022, Very Good
Yrjönkatu 29A, Helsinki Yrjönkatu 29A, Helsinki 2022, Excellent
Koy Vilhonkatu 5 Vilhonkatu 5, Helsinki 2022, Very Good
Koy Unioninkatu 24 Unioninkatu 24, Helsinki 2022, Very Good
Koy Ratapihantie 11 Ratapihantie 11, Helsinki 2022, Very Good
Koy Helsingin Sörnäistenkatu 2 Sörnäistenkatu, Helsinki 2022, Very Good
Koy Helsingin Erottajanmäki Erottajankatu 5, Helsinki 2021, Very Good
Koy Unioninkatu 18 Unioninkatu 18, Helsinki 2021, Very Good
Koy Fabianinkatu 23 Fabianinkatu 23, Helsinki 2021, Very Good
Forum shopping centre Mannerheimintie, Helsinki 2021, Very Good
Elo shopping centre Elotie 1, Ylöjärvi 2020, Very Good
Koy Mansku 4 Mannerheimintie 4, Helsinki 2018, Very Good
Koy Bulevardi 1 Bulevardi 1, Helsinki 2018, Very Good
Zeppelin shopping centre Zeppelinintie 1, Kempele 2017, Very Good
Mothership of Work Pieni Roobertinkatu, Helsinki 2016, Good

ESG requirements in development projects

In addition to the responsible maintenance of properties, Sponda has set several goals and requirements for development projects. From the attached link, you can view the criteria that are taken into account in the management, planning and construction of development projects.


Goals for reducing energy and water consumption

We want to promote the energy efficiency of properties and have set targets for reducing energy and water consumption. From this link, you can download consumption data and target levels for environmentally certified properties. Regarding water consumption, the goal is to reduce consumption compared to the previous year’s level.