Feeling great

Customers who want to feel great also expect to have great service. In Ego’s retail concept, customer advisers in various fields of expertise are equally important as the product range and interiors.

Ego, a specialist shop in overall wellness, opened its doors in Forum shopping centre in March. Ego is part of the University Pharmacy group, and it currently operates two shops plus an online store. The first Ego shop opened
in Jumbo shopping centre last year.

Ego Forum is slightly smaller than Ego Jumbo, but the selection it offers is more or less equal, including approximately 4,000 unique products.

Expert service is another cornerstone of the retail concept besides the extensive selection.

“People have welcomed this concept with open arms. Our customers are particularly happy to receive expert help with selecting and using the products from our pharmacists and other specialists,” says Nina Bäckström, Chain Manager at Ego.

In addition to pharmacists, Ego employees include various beauty and fitness experts, such as bachelors of beauty and cosmetics, cosmetologists and personal trainers.

Ego’s target group is everyone who is interested in overall wellness, and the new location in central Helsinki is one way to meet the growing need for wellness products.

“Overall wellness is a growing trend, and interest towards wellness questions is high among consumers. This is why I believe the new Ego shop has a clear niche,” Bäckström says. 

Ego Forum meets the growing need for overall wellness products and expert advice among consumers.

Published 18.4.2017