Stakeholders and suppliers

1. Personnel

Committed, skilled and motivated personnel are our key resource. We aim to provide everyone at Sponda with good career and training opportunities as well as an atmosphere of open dialogue. The job satisfaction and equal treatment of our personnel are of the utmost importance to us.

2. Customers

Our customers represent various industries, including retail, the public sector and the banking and investment sector. We aim to forge long-term customer relationships by providing full-service office space partnership and by guiding our customers in sustainable operations.

3. Subcontractors

The objective of the procurement is to ensure the functionality of the goods, services and contracts produced and the fulfillment of the needs in accordance with our procurement and quality processes. In procurement, we utilize external suppliers, whose performance is measured, monitored and managed through separate supplier management. We strive for long-term, transparent and mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers, which enables us to add value to our customers.

4. Media

Being active, open and up-to-date lays the foundation for our media relations. We are constantly developing how we communicate, and we also create added value for our customers by talking about them in our communications.

5. Society and the authorities

We are a socially responsible company, both as an employer and as an urban developer. We actively monitor changes in regulations and co-operate with the authorities and different industry operators to express our views.

6. Research and development co-operation partners

We are actively involved in various organisations, such as RAKLI (The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients), FiBS (Finnish Business & Society) and the Finnish Green Building Council. We also engage in development co-operation with diverse educational institutions and research and development organisations .  

Stakeholder Expectations for Sponda Sponda’s actions
  • High-quality and energy-efficient business premises
  • Responding to changing space needs and work habits
  • Premise Services
  • Smooth customer service
  • Consideration of environmental responsibility issues
  • Long-term customer relationships
  • Providing functional, flexible and energy efficient facilities
  • Development of office concepts and services
  • Developing better marketplaces
  • Development of customer service and service channels
  • Regular contact with customers and creating conditions for long-term customer relationships
  • Development of sales and customer care processes
  • Guiding customers on environmentally and energy-saving actions
  • A stable and reputable employer
  • Safe working conditions
  • Open access to information
  • Opportunity for development at work
  • Equal treatment
  • Providing good employment and training opportunities
  • Investing in effective communication and an open discussion atmosphere
  • Taking care of well-being at work
  • Arranging development discussions and job satisfaction surveys
  • Equal treatment of staff
  • Equal treatment of suppliers
  • Achieving the requirements and objectives of the agreements
  • Long-term and transparent cooperation
  • Procurement and quality processes work
  • Measuring, monitoring and managing supplier performance
Society and authorities
  • Compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements
  • Responsible and transparent operations
  • Payment of taxes
  • Monitoring legislative work and presenting one’s own views
  • Participating in urban development
  • Promoting energy efficiency in business premises
  • Providing jobs
  • Active, open and fast communication
  • Reliable information about the company
  • Timely, reliable and transparent communication
  • Development and expansion of communication channels
Other stakeholders, such as educational institutions and various research and development organisations  

  • Participation in research and development activities in the industry
  • Providing internships and thesis opportunities
  • Joint projects with educational institutions in the field
  • Providing study opportunities for students in the field


The contractors

1. Procurement

We procure a large part of our services, goods and contracts from external suppliers. Efficient and high-quality procurement solutions aim to create added value for the parties in the supply chain and customers. Although we make acquisitions mainly in the names of real estate companies owned by Sponda, the goal is overall efficiency and added value through long-term and transparent cooperation. Procurement also takes into account the perspective of sustainable development.

2. Supplier Management

Together with our key suppliers, we follow a supplier management process, the purpose of which is to measure, monitor and manage the performance of suppliers and to mutually develop operations. We strive for transparent, open and long-term cooperation with our selected suppliers. We perform quality and safety audits, among other things, and we want to support our suppliers in developing new solutions

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