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  • Sponda supports construction of new wind power farm in Finland

Sponda supports construction of new wind power farm in Finland

Sponda Ltd                               Press release                3 May 2021 at 9:00 a.m.

Sponda supports construction of new wind power farm in Finland

Sponda, one of Finland’s leading real estate asset management companies, has today announced an agreement with Helen, one of the largest energy companies in the country, that will enable the construction of a new wind power farm in Ostrobothnia, Finland. As a result, 100% of the electricity consumption in Sponda’s properties will be produced by emission-free wind power.  The agreement supports Sponda’s objective of carbon neutrality, highlighted in the company’s sustainability programme.

From 2022, 50% of the wind power used by Sponda to cover electricity consumption will be generated at Helen’s new Lakiakangas 3 wind farm. The remaining 50% of required electricity will be obtained from other Nordic wind farms. Guarantees of origin, issued for electricity produced from renewable energy sources, will ensure the electricity is generated by wind power.

Sponda’s sustainability programme objective is to achieve carbon neutrality for in-use energy consumption by 2030. The new wind power agreement supports Sponda’s goal of emission-free electricity supply, which is included in the company’s climate road map. Sponda is one of the first operators in the real estate sector to promote the construction of a new wind farm in Finland.

“As a renewable and emission-free energy, wind power plays an important role in the achievement of climate targets, in addition to contributing to domestic energy self-sufficiency. As a major operator in the real estate sector, we have the opportunity and a duty to support the work to mitigate climate change. The use of wind power also supports the achievement of our sustainability targets”, says Pirkko Airaksinen, Sustainability Manager at Sponda.

“It is great that together with Sponda, we can promote a carbon-neutral future. We want to offer our customers services that renew the energy sector. The Lakiakangas 3 wind farm is a good example of a solution in which customers can buy wind power also in larger shares of the power plant’s production. The model is already in use when selling solar power; now we are also bringing it into wind power”, says Anu-Elina Hintsa, Director of Sales and Customer Service at Helen.


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