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  • Sponda ranked as the best property investment company in the Nordic region by the Carbon Disclosure Project

Sponda ranked as the best property investment company in the Nordic region by the Carbon Disclosure Project

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16 October 2014 at 13:00

Sponda ranked as the best property investment company in the Nordic region by the Carbon Disclosure Project

The property investment company Sponda has once again been recognised for its climate reporting by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). With a score of 92B, Sponda’s ranking in this year’s report was well above average in Finland and in the Nordic region as a whole. The results were published on 15 October 2014 in the CDP Nordic 2014 report.

Sponda improved its score from the previous year, from 78B to 92B (points scale: 0-100, classification: A-E). The Finnish companies that responded to CDP’s annual survey in 2014 achieved an average score of 80B, while the Nordic average was 80C. The assessment is based on a global survey that this year received responses from approximately 2,000 listed companies. A total of 42 companies in Finland responded to this year’s survey. This was Sponda’s third time of participating in the CDP assessment.

The CDP assessment measures companies’ greenhouse gas emissions, emissions targets, measures to reduce emissions, business risks and opportunities related to climate change, and reporting on these matters. The assessment of an independent non-profit organisation provides a global and highly respected scoring framework for measuring and reporting on the environmental information of companies.

Investors increasingly use data from CDP reports to assess the responsibility of companies and support their investment decisions. CDP represents 767 institutional investors that manage over a third of the world’s total invested capital.

“I am pleased that the goals we have set and the measures we have taken to improve the energy efficiency of our properties and reduce carbon dioxide emissions were recognised with an excellent score in this year’s report. Our CDP score has improved every year, which is a testament to the transparency and comprehensive scope of our environmental responsibility efforts and sustainability reporting. Reducing the environmental load of our properties requires continuous co-operation with our customers and other stakeholders. I would like to thank all of our partners for their contribution to the result we have achieved together,” says Hannamari Koivula, Sustainability Manager at Sponda.

The property sector plays a key role in mitigating climate change and improving energy efficiency. Sponda supports the fight against climate change in its own operations by improving the energy efficiency of its properties and reducing their environmental impact.

Sponda Plc

For additional information, please contact: Hannamari Koivula, Sustainability Manager, tel. +358 40 581 9921

Sponda Plc is a property investment company specialising in commercial properties in the largest cities in Finland. Sponda’s business concept is to own, lease and develop retail and office properties and shopping centres into environments that promote the business success of its clients. The fair value of Sponda’s investment properties is approximately EUR 3.3 billion and the leasable area is around 1.4 million m².