Notification on a change in ownership

Sponda Plc         
Stock Exchange Release   
1 December 2016, 11:00 a.m.

Notification on a change in ownership

Pursuant to the Finnish Securities Market Act (Section 9:5) Mercator Invest Ab has notified that, as from 1 December 2016, Mercator Invest Ab’s holding in shares of Sponda Plc is 28.07%.

Oy PALSK Ab merged with Mercator Invest Ab on 30 November 2016. As a result of the merger, the ownership of the 42,163,745 Sponda Plc shares held by Oy PALSK Ab (12.41% of all shares and votes) has been transferred to Mercator Invest Ab.

Target company: Sponda Plc
Subject to the obligation to publish flagging notifications:Mercator Invest Ab
Date of change in share holdings: 1 December 2016
Number of shares: 93,344,608 shares 
Proportion of shares: 28.07%
Proportion of voting rights: 28.07%

Sponda Plc

Sponda Plc is a property investment company specializing in commercial properties in the largest cities in Finland. Sponda’s business concept is to own, lease and develop retail and office properties and shopping centres into environments that promote the business success of its clients. The fair value of Sponda’s investment properties is approximately EUR 3.7 billion and the leasable area is around 1.2 million m².