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  • Mehiläinen moves its HQ operations to Sponda’s Arkadia 6 office building in Helsinki city centre    

Mehiläinen moves its HQ operations to Sponda’s Arkadia 6 office building in Helsinki city centre    

Sponda Ltd                                    Press release                                             12 December 2023 at 10.00 am  

Mehiläinen moves its HQ operations to Sponda’s Arkadia 6 office building in Helsinki city centre 

Sponda, one of Finland’s leading real estate asset management companies, announces the lease of 2,500 sqm in its office building, Arkadia 6, to Mehiläinen, a leading provider of health and social services. Mehiläinen is moving the management of its group and business operations, comprising approximately 600 employees, from Töölö to the centre of Helsinki in early 2024. When choosing the new location, Mehiläinen emphasised the easy accessibility of the office, as well as its strong sustainability credentials and the high quality premises provided.

A central location in the heart of Helsinki was a key factor for Mehiläinen’s premises. Renovated in 2020, the new office space has been specifically designed to support Mehiläinen’s strong corporate culture, as well as its emphasis on collaborative working and team bonding. Versatile spaces that enable both concentration and teamwork have been created to meet different employee needs, with the large space also supporting the company’s growth.

“Mehiläinen’s IT and digital services, as well as our subsidiary Beehealthy, have been operating in the Arkadiankatu property for several years. The decision to combine our operations in the same building was natural, as the new location is central and close to our company’s roots in Töölö. The new location will make it easier for our staff to take advantage of public transport services. With the move, we can also improve our employees’ work experience and promote our sustainability goals,” says Tatu Tulokas, Chief Human Resources Officer at Mehiläinen.

“When selecting their premises, companies today increasingly emphasise a central location, employee well-being and the development of corporate culture. In line with this prevailing trend, premises in Helsinki city centre such as Arkadia 6, which are easily accessible and offer high quality services, are therefore key to attracting both employees and customers while also helping to drive recruitment. The importance of a central location is reflected in higher office utilisation rates, very much in line with the flight to quality trend which is growing strongly across Europe’s capital cities”, says Christian Hohenthal, CEO of Sponda.

Arkadia 6, located on the edge of Narinkkatori, in the centre of Helsinki. The building includes a dedicated parking hall with charging points, comprehensive public transport connections, a restaurant, Farang, and is next to the Kamppi district’s services which surround the property., The reception area is often called the most spectacular office building lobby in Helsinki.

The Arkadia 6 property has been granted BREEAM In-Use Excellent level environmental certification. In addition, the building is completely carbon neutral in terms of in-use energy consumption and it utilises 100% green electricity. There are also solar panels installed on the roof of the building.


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