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  • Future business premises are adaptable and inviting meeting places

Future business premises are adaptable and inviting meeting places

Sponda Plc
Press Release
25 February 2014, 9:50 a.m.

Future business premises are adaptable and inviting meeting places

Real estate company Sponda Plc asked its clients to take a look at the future of work spaces. In the business premises of 2030, people will gather together, move around, create and relax – they will feel at home. An office that is eco-efficient, flexible and pleasing to the senses makes going to work inviting.

A day at the future office space?

Focusing on a project in a quiet private space, brainstorming session with contacts who are on the other side of the globe, exercise session with clients, nap on the sofa, checking e-mails at a standing desk. Meetings are held in virtual spaces, on the sofa or at the kitchen table. Ergonomic design that is pleasing to the senses supports work.

In “The Future Business Premises 2030” questionnaire Sponda carried out among clients, the requirements for flexibility, open spaces and the mobile nature of work in the future were highlighted as major points. The survey will help Sponda develop its offering.

In the future, different ways of working will call for more versatile and flexible work spaces. Private spaces that help with concentration and minimize sensory overload are just as important as spaces that encourage meeting others and co-creating.

Comfortable, versatile and flexible office space contributes to both business success and recruitment image

Ninety per cent of those who answered the questionnaire believe that the number of workers joining the workplace from outside the company will increase. Forty per cent think that the mobility of work will increase. In a mobile life, the line between work and free time gets blurred. Relaxing and having a good time in the office helps.

The role of the office as an inspiring base and a meeting point will be more important than before. As social networking becomes more and more common in work communities, the significance of a comfortable and inviting work space will increase.

Eco-efficiency is thought to become more significant, too. For instance, 46 per cent of those who responded to the questionnaire believe that energy efficiency will be a crucial factor in selecting office space.

When selecting a partner in acquiring business premises, the questionnaire shows that in addition to a versatile and flexible offering, cost efficiency and ongoing development together with the client are important criteria. Sponda wants to keep on responding to these requirements also in the future.

Read more about the survey results on Sponda’s Annual Report 2013

Sponda Plc

Sponda Plc is a property investment company specializing in commercial properties in the largest cities in Finland. Sponda’s business concept is to own, lease and develop retail and office properties and shopping centres into environments that promote the business success of its clients. The fair value of Sponda’s investment properties is approximately EUR 3.3 billion and the leasable area is around 1.4 million m².