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  • Charity lights up the dark winter season

Charity lights up the dark winter season

As Christmas approaches, many feel a desire to donate and share hope. Charity is one way to spread the joy of Christmas and support those in need – even small actions can have a big impact. Donating to charity brings joy not only to the recipients, but also to yourself.

All young people share the need to be seen and heard

This year, Sponda’s Christmas donation was aimed to share the warmth of Christmas with those in need. The staff voted for Aseman Lapset ry (Children of the Station) and Lastenklinikoiden Kummit ry (Supporters of Children’s Hospitals) as the chosen charities. Both organisations represent values that are important for us: caring and providing support for children and youth.

Since 1990, Aseman Lapset has supported the well-being of children, young people and families and prevented social exclusion. The organisation defends the right of young people to spend time in shared public spaces, as well. The organisation’s work is truly needed: for example, last year the organisation’s Walkers operation reached 64,294 young people, who were offered possibilities to discuss things and if and when needed, further help and support.

‘There are certain rules when operating in urban spaces. Sometimes when young people get together, all kinds of things can happen. Our youth professionals are present as safe adults to listen, guide and meet young people,’ says Christian Wentzel of Aseman Lapset ry.

According to Wentzel, young people have a lot of worries and a great need to be seen and heard. Young people want to share their joys, sorrows, worries and thoughts with adults.

‘Our people are able to offer young people a sense of being heard in everyday life. It enhances the experience of inclusion, but also provides tools for the future while letting young people discuss the thoughts they have while undergoing a spurt of growth and development,’ says Wentzel.

With support from Kummit, the best treatment experience can be offered to a small patient

The Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals, Kummit ry, supports five university children’s hospitals with the aim of providing the best possible treatment for child patients now and in the future. Donations make it possible to procure state-of-the-art medical equipment for children’s hospitals, as well as initiate development projects that can help in providing the best possible care for children and young people. Support from Kummit promotes future health, and new equipment and innovations contribute to providing the best treatment experience for child patients.

Hospitals are able to target the donations on equipment purchases, development projects and patient comfort, for example. Kummit makes significant donations to pediatric research, which enables approximately 10 important research projects every year.

‘In Finland, almost 20% of children and adolescents have issues with mental health. Through Kummit, you can participate in supporting topical mental health work, which helps children and young people living with various challenges all over Finland. With the Mielen tila campaign, we support the well-being of children and young people with various projects, such as the Cool Kids treatment, which effectively treats anxiety disorder in children and young people,’ says Katariina Schmidt, Partnership Manager at Lastenklinikoiden Kummit ry.

Attendance and the best possible care with donations

According to Wentzel, donations are critical for keeping the operation of Aseman Lapset going.

‘With Sponda’s donation, we are able to be present and meet young people both in public places and in our location at Citycenter. At Citycenter, our encounters are more tailor-made, but the Walkers café in Kamppi is open to all young people. We would like to warmly thank Sponda for the support.’

Sponda’s Christmas donation to Kummit ry is targeted at all five university children’s hospitals and research work. Special health care is supported by society’s funds, but the donation funds of Kummit help achieve even more.

‘With better equipment, development and research work, as well as investing in mental health and patient comfort, we can provide more modern and effective treatment for child patients now and in the future. This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary of supporting children’s health. As is the annual tradition, the Christmas collection culminated in the JouluMielelle concert. The event also featured a Christmas greeting from Sponda,’ says Schmidt.