Themes and goals

Our vision is to be the most trusted and profitable operator in the property sector and the leader of sustainable development. Our sustainability programme has set our objectives for 2020–2022. We have defined our energy efficiency and climate objectives until 2030. The sustainability themes are based on our strategy and they have been defined together with our stakeholders.


1. Sustainable and transparent economy and risk management

We support profitable business through corporate governance and risk management, systematic property maintenance and investments that aim for long life cycles.


  • Proportion of annual energy efficiency investments of all investments (%).
  • 100% coverage in energy and property audits.
  • Life Cycle Assessment in property development and renovation projects.
  • Monitoring the operating model, control and monitoring of property maintenance services.
  • Annually assessment group-level risks and opportunities and those associated with climate change.
  • Staying at the five-star level in the GRESB sustainability assessment.
  • Sustainable and transparent communications.


2. Employee wellbeing and competence development

We invest in a good working environment, support the development of employee competence and engage our personnel in the improvement of sustainability.


  • Promotion of the personnel’s well-being at work and reduction of the employee turnover rate from the previous year.
  • Keeping absences due to illness at an acceptable level.
  • Development of work capacity management and related performance indicators.
  • Providing training that matches the needs of personnel and increasing the current number of training days.


3. Responsibility in the supply chain

The contribution of our partners in achieving our sustainability goals is significant. For example, measuring and monitoring the performance of our suppliers is a big part of our sustainability work. We require our partners to follow our ethical guidelines. We are working to promote human rights and combat the gray economy.


  • Supplier audits and development of co-operation meetings with key suppliers.
  • Suppliers’ commitment to Sponda’s Code of Business Conduct.


4. Customer orientation

We invest in the quality of our services, and our MOW concept helps us take bold initiatives to respond to the transformation of working life. We help tenants achieve the sustainability goals related to their use of rented premises.


  • Developing the customer experience further (our customers’ overall satisfaction with lessor co-operation to exceed 4.0, on a scale of 1–5).
  • Improvement of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) from customers.
  • Providing better sustainability information through the website and extranet services.
  • Closer co-operation in sustainability issues with tenants (environmental partnerships, etc.).


5. Eco efficiency

We improve the efficiency of energy consumption, reduce water consumption and improve the waste recycling rate. We obtain certifications for all new property development and renovation projects and obtain in-use environmental certifications.


  • Reduction of energy consumption in properties by 20% by 2030 compared with average consumption in 2016–2018.
  • Improving energy efficiency in line with the property sector’s energy efficiency agreement (TETS) by 7.5% by 2025, using energy consumption in 2015 as the baseline.
  • Reduction of water consumption in the property portfolio.
  • Increasing the recycling rate to 58% in Sponda overall, 50% in offices and 67% in shopping centres by 2022.
  • Environmental certifications (LEED®, BREEAM®) will be obtained for all new building projects and renovation projects, and the objective level is a minimum of Gold or Very Good. In-Use certification will also be sought for properties.
  • At least two new certifications will be obtained each year.


6. Carbon smart

We reduce our emissions and develop solutions for low-carbon construction. We increase our own production of renewable energy and the proportion of renewable energy in purchased energy.


  • Sponda’s properties will be carbon neutral in terms of energy consumption during operation by 2030.
  • Developing design guidelines, taking into account the carbon footprint and material efficiency of properties.
  • Implementing at least one significant renewable energy project each year (e.g. a solar power or geothermal heat project).
  • All properties will use 100% wind-generated electricity by 2022.


7. Healthy and safe premises

We develop the quality control of our properties and invest in indoor air quality. We ensure that the premises are safe for tenants, employees and visitors.


  • Further development of the indoor air quality operating model and guidelines to support proactive measures.
  • At least two indoor air satisfaction surveys will be carried out each year.
  • Establishing an EHS organisation and developing the operating model.


8. Data-driven management and the use of digital innovations.

We utilise IoT technology in the maintenance of our properties. We promote the use of digital products and services that are related to energy efficiency and good indoor air quality as well as the implementation of As a Service products and services.


  • Increasing the number of pilot projects that promote digitalisation and smart solutions in property maintenance.
  • Building ecosystems that promote innovation.


Download the full sustainability roadmap here >>


We apply for international environmental classifications – a LEED® or BREEAM® environmental certificate – for all property development and significant renovation projects.

The design work related to property development and renovation projects is subject to our design guidelines, which are in many ways more extensive than the generally applied standards and regulations and in which environmental requirements play a key role.

Sponda’s LEED®-certified properties

Koy Vantaan Väritehtaankatu 8 Väritehtaankatu, Vantaa 2018, Gold
Koy Sörnäistenkatu 2 Sörnäistenkatu, Helsinki 2016, Gold
Koy Tampereen Tulli Business Park Åkerlundinkatu, Tampere 2014, Gold
Citycenter office tower Kaivokatu, Helsinki 2011, Gold

Sponda’s BREEAM®-certified properties

Koy Mannerheimintie 4 Mannerheimintie 4, Helsinki 2018, Very Good
Koy Bulevardi 1 Bulevardi 1, Helsinki 2018, Very Good
Forum shopping centre Mannerheimintie, Helsinki 2018, Very Good
Zeppelin shopping centre Zeppelinintie 1, Kempele 2017, Very Good
Citycenter shopping centre Kaivokatu 8, Helsinki 2017, Very Good
Mothership of Work Pieni Roobertinkatu, Helsinki 2016, Good
Koy Arkadiankatu 4-6 Arkadiankatu, Helsinki 2016, Very Good
Ducat II Gasheka Street, Moscow 2015, Good
Koy Unioninkatu 20-22 Unioninkatu, Helsinki 2012, Good

The figure illustrates the benefits of environmental certification for different target groups. The picture is taken from an extensive international study that examined the impact of environmental certification on the value of a building.